Five Days of Great Kids' Literature

Do you love to use literature-based homeschool curricula? Me too! And I’m super excited about a new product that I have in the As We Walk Along the Road Shop. The Charlotte’s Web Literature Notebooking Unit is for sale now. iIn celebration, I’m, featuring a launch discount and writing a fun series here on the blog this week.

Great Kids' Literature

The Charlotte’s Web Literature Notebooking Unit

If you love to study literature and to turn great kids’ literature into a unit study, this Literature Notebooking Unit may be the perfect thing for you. The idea was born from a real life struggle. I love lapbooking, but my kids aren’t always so thrilled about it. Notebooking, on the other hand, they really enjoy. It was frustrating, though, to use notebooking with a literature unit study because I always had to hunt and hunt for notebooking pages that would fit or create my own.
And so I decided to create my own unit studies that had ready-to-use notebooking pages that went along with the book and the activities. The first of these unit studies is now in the As We Walk Along the Road Shop- the Charlotte’s Web Literature Notebooking Unit.

Five Days of Great Kids’ Literature

This week, to celebrate the launch of this unit study, I’m sharing a special five day series- Five Days of Great Kids’ Literature. You can find links to all the posts here as they’re published.
Great Kids' Literature

Also, don’t forget to pick up my freebie- Your Literature-Based Homeschool. It’s got articles and resources about homeschooling with literature as well as 20 literature unit studies! You can get it here.

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