Last Minute Resources for a President's Day Study

Looking for last-minute President's Day unit study resources? Here are free and paid resources you can use right now!

Ya’ll, try as I might, I often seem to be the unprepared homeschool mom. While other moms have been planning out and helping their children to create unique, Pinterest-worthy valentines for months, I’m the one who runs by Target on the way to the Valentine’s Day party praying that there are some valentines still left to buy and that I have a pen in the car so my kids can sign them.

I’m that way about most holidays. So, even though I love to use holiday days as a special time for some fun learning, I’m often not thinking about the holiday until only a couple of days before hand. And, even though I love putting together unit studies, even I can whip up a good, holiday-themed unit study and be ready to start it with the kids in only one day. Sometimes I just need to buy something that is already created, something that is going to require little or no prep on my part.

Presidents Day unit study

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So, if you- like me- are often finding yourself in the last days before a holiday, wishing that you had planned something all nice and holiday-themed for your homeschool, I’ve got you covered. In this post, you’ll find President’s Day resources that you can buy, download, and use right now. A few are even free!

Free Resources

Royal Baloo has a free printable President’s Day study for toddlers through elementary schoolers.

You can find free coloring pages and biographies for each American president here– not a full unit study, but it would be fun to use if you’re down to the wire.

Find a free printable President’s Day unit study at Free Homeschool Deals.

President's Day unit study

Paid Resources

This mini unit will give kids 3rd-12th grade some basic information about the holiday of President’s Day.

This lapbook from Hands of a Child is for grades 4-8 and includes five days of President’s Day themed activities. It contains a guide with everything you need to complete the lapbook.

Christian Homeschool Publishing has a kindergarten President’s Day resource with math and literacy activities.

America’s Presidents is a lapbook for grades 2-7 from A Journey Through Learning. It includes a study guide with all you need to complete the lapbook.

Kids in grades 2-7 can practice memorizing the presidents with this Presidential Pocket Games lapbook.

Learn about George Washington, American’s first president, with this lapbook for grades 2-7.

This Online Unit Study will teach kids of multiple ages all about America’s presidency. These online studies require little prep on your part; kids can work through them fairly independently; and kids learn tech skills too.

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