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To be honest, I never was very worried about high school for my homeschooled kids. Two of mine have now graduated, and their high school years didn’t frighten me. What was scary was the prospect of preparing them for college.

One of my kids did decide to go the college route. The other didn’t and is working with plans to take some business classes at a technical college. For my child who was headed to college, I had lots of worries. Was she going to be prepared? What kind of classes should she take to get ready for college? Should she do dual enrollment? How would we pay for college? Was there a way she could earn any college credits before she actually entered college?
I recently had the opportunity to review an awesome program that helps to answer many of these questions. If you have high schoolers who are planning on college, check out this resource and make sure you enter the great giveaway they have going on as well.

CLEP Test Prep at
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About the CLEP Exams

CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program. This program offers over thirty different tests that evaluate the test taker’s knowledge of various subject matter. If students pass the CLEP exam in a particular subject, they can earn a college credit for that subject. This can be a great thing because the CLEP test gives an actual college credit without the student having to spend credit hours- and lots of money- to earn the college credit.
I used CLEP tests when I entered college. I had graduated from a small Christian school and attended one semester at a small, non-accredited college. When I decided to transfer to a larger university at the end of the semester, none of the credits I earned there were going to count. I was able to take CLEP tests for some of the classes I needed and earned almost a full semester of credit. This saved me time, coming in as a transfer student, and money.
So how can your student know whether or not she’s ready to pass a CLEP exam in a particular subject? CLEP Test Prep offers test preparation for thirty-one different CLEP tests. Each of their CLEP preparation courses includes videos, lesson transcripts, online quizzes, and practice tests. We looked at the History of the United States 1 study guide to get a feel for the elements of the program.

CLEP Test Prep at

~ There are short, interesting videos for each lesson. These videos present the material. Students can go back and rewatch the video for the lesson as needed.

CLEP Test Prep at

~ Each lesson has a transcript that goes along with the video. That makes it easy to go back and look up information as needed. The lesson transcript can be printed so that the student could then use it to highlight or take notes while watching the video.

CLEP Test Prep at

~ After each lesson there is a short quiz. This quiz will help the student to see how much information has been retained. The quiz is online or can be printed out. Students can retake the quiz as needed and information about what was missed or answered correctly is given at the end of the quiz.

CLEP Test Prep at

~ For each study guide there is a practice CLEP exam as well as exams for each chapter.

~ The material is individualized. The program tracks the student’s progress, keeping track of material completed as well as quiz grades. This way your student can pick right up where she left off each time she works on CLEP test prep. You can also enter the date that the student is going to take the CLEP test, and the program will provide an individualized study schedule that will help her to be prepared by that date.
If you are using the College Accelerator Plan with your student and you have individual accounts for each student- not just sharing one account for the family- the student can actually take a proctored final exam through, earning the college credit. You can find out what exams offers as well as other information about taking CLEP exams here.

Why Use

Taking CLEP tests can give your high school student a head start on college. It can be a huge help financially to prepare students and have them earn college credits through CLEP exams. And is a good way to help your student be prepared to take CLEP exams. tries to make CLEP test prep affordable. They have a free trial so that you can see if the program is right for you. There are also a few scholarships available for the CLEP test prep courses. And now is offering a discount to make the program even more affordable:

20% off your first 3 months of’s CLEP test prep product with coupon code HOMESCHOOLFORCLEP.

Valid through May 31, 2018 for new members only.

HOW TO REDEEM: Click the “Have a Coupon Code?” link on the last page of the registration process, input the coupon code HOMESCHOOLFORCLEP, and click the “Apply Coupon” button.

CLEP Test Prep at…Especially for Homeschoolers! now has a resource page specifically for homeschoolers. 

Homeschooling with

  • Is flexible and practical – our new Family Plan offers connected parent and child accounts
  • Allows students to achieve dual credit 
  • Gives students the opportunity to learn non-traditional subjects like marketing or criminology 
  • Offers useful supplementary information such as state-specific homeschooling laws
They also have a great FAQ page about homeschooling if you’re thinking of homeschooling or just getting started.
Homeschooling families can find a great resource in Homeschooling Parent Magazine even selected for its 2019 Homeschool Friendly Award, giving their seal of approval to our comprehensive and flexible education platform, perfect for homeschooling families.

And If you have a high school student or will have a high school student soon, check out and find out about the CLEP test prep guides. It might be a way for your student to make college more affordable and give her a head start on earning college credits. Homeschooling high school can be intimidating. Don’t let worry about college be one of your fears. CLEP test prep with can help alleviate some of that worry.

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