The Homeschool Math Program That Finally Fits My Struggling Learner: Mr. D Math

I don’t have a good history when it comes to math. It’s the subject I most struggled with in school. And it’s the subject I’ve most struggled with teaching as I homeschool my own kids. One of my problems is that often what works for one child doesn’t work for others. So I’ll think I found the “perfect” math curriculum. And then I have a child come along who really struggles with that curriculum.

I’ve been on a quest to find a math program that works for my middle daughter. She doesn’t learn well from recorded video instruction. She needs to be able to ask questions. She doesn’t do well checking her own work if she can’t see where she went wrong. She needs things broken down in parts so that she really understands it.
This year has been particularly difficult as I’ve struggled through Pre-algebra with her and my youngest child. We’re currently on our third curriculum for the year. And what we’ve found to work is having me teach every lesson instead of using the videos this curriculum comes with. That’s all well and good for Pre-algebra, but I know I’ll really struggle to teach Algebra 1 next year. I’ll have to relearn it as I teach it!
In my continued quest to find some kind of math program that works, I’ve been looking for one that fits these requirements:
  • Doesn’t use primarily video instruction
  • Doesn’t require me teaching
  • Breaks material down into small, understandable steps
  • Makes it easy for students to check their own work 
  • Provides a way for students to ask questions from a real person when needed
Thanks to a recent review, I’ve found what I’m looking for, and I have high hopes for Algebra 1 next year.
Homeschool math online classes
I received access to this program for free for review purposes. I have been compensated for my post. Some links in this post are affiliate links and will benefit me if you click. All opinions are always my own, and I only promote what I do or would personally use.
I had the opportunity to review Mr.D Math. I was given access to the Pre-algebra curriculum for the purposes of my review. 

About Mr. D Math

Mr. D is Dennis DiNoia. He’s a certified secondary math teacher with an M.A. in Education. He’s developed an online curriculum for high school math that includes pre-algebra through pre-calculus. (He also offers life skills and SAT and ACT prep courses.) Courses can include either live, online classes or self-paced, online classes. There are classes that run throughout the school year, as well as some special summer readiness sessions.

How Mr. D Math Works

Although there is a version of the classes that is an online, self-paced class, we experienced the option of online curriculum along with online virtual class sessions. The classes meet one day a week in a virtual classroom. (There are multiple sessions to choose from for most classes it seems.) In addition to the live classes, each lesson in the course also has printable work sheets, solutions, and a recorded video for more information (or in case you’ve missed the live class for some reason). There are quizzes that students take and record their own grades for, and there are tests that are taken online.
When you login and open the class as a student, you can find an overview of all of your lessons. You can also find an assignments tab where you can see a list of all assignments, dates due, and grades on the assignments. 

Mr. D Math classes
Mr. D Math classes
When you select a lesson to complete from the lessons tab, you’ll find the printable worksheets, solutions, and recorded videos for that lesson.
Mr. D Math classes
When you first get into the student dashboard, you can see any notes and announcements from Mr. D, along with a place for you to comment and ask questions about those announcements. The format is very user friendly and intuitive. My girls grasped how to use the program pretty quickly.
I received a link to join the live classes of my choice. Pre-algebra is currently meeting in two different sessions, so I was able to pick which was easier for us to attend. Entering the live classroom from that link was simple. 
In the live classroom, students can use video and audio as well as a chat feature. Mr. D can be seen on video at the opening of the class, but as class begins, he switches to a whiteboard where he displays the same printable lesson sheet that the kids can access in their lesson sections. He gives notes and works through example problems. The chat is set so that he can see kids’ answers and questions, but the students can’t chat with each other. This allows the kids to interact without being a disruption or distraction.
In addition to the weekly live classroom session, we received email invitations to regular help sessions for pre-algebra. I didn’t attend an extra help session, but I loved that this would be an option for my struggling math student.

Why Mr. D Math Was Awesome 

When I first suggested to my daughter that I was reviewing this program and wanted her to take a look at it as well, her response was less than enthusiastic. She’s pretty burned out on math at this point. After I attended a live class and looked at how the program worked, however, I really felt like this would be such a good option for her. 
Homeschool math online classes
When I finally had her attend a class, she realized it too. Although she assured me she still didn’t like math, she acknowledged that Mr. D’s explanations made things easier to understand. And she realized that the structure of the program would work well for her.
I love that this math program presents material in so many different ways. There is the live class where kids can interact and ask questions. There are the printable worksheets where kids are doing hands-on math practice. There are recorded videos so that kids can go back and look when they don’t understand or forget something. There are solutions so that they can check their own work regularly. There are the extra help sessions that kids can attend as needed. 
Mr. D Math has a real teacher- that understands math far better than me- and presents material in a variety of ways- making it great for kids with a variety of learning styles. It’s just what my struggling math student needs, and it’s a good fit for my youngest as well. I’m signing both up for Algebra 1 next year.
Homeschool math online classes

More About This Homeschool Math Program

You can find out more about Mr. D Math here. You can find the Pre-algebra class I took a look at here. And you can find Algebra 1- for which I’m signing my girls up for the fall- here. Mr. D Math has other courses as well, so no matter what level of high school math you need, you can probably find it here.
The cost of your course depends on whether you’re using the live classes or self-paced classes. Mr. D Math always offers discounts for returning students and siblings.
Find Mr. D Math on social media here:
If you’ve been struggling to find a math program that works for your whole family, check out Mr. D Math. I’m super excited about it, and I’m so glad we found it!

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