Three Reasons Why Moms Need a Quiet Time and an Awesome Quiet Time Resource

Moms often live a busy and hurried life. We have to be “on” 24 hours a day. We get up, do laundry, make breakfast, teach the kids (if we’re homeschoolers), clean the house, make dinner, buy groceries, stay up at night with sick kids. And in the midst of this we also are trying to be good wives, good moms, good listeners. Our lives are rarely quiet.

I’ve learned throughout my years of being a mom that I function much better when I have a regular quiet time. I don’t just mean a time to read the Bible and spend time in prayer, although that’s definitely a part of it. I mean a time where I just relax, breathe, tune out, and do something quiet and enjoyable. Having this time- even if it’s only an hour a day- is critical for me. And I think it’s something that all moms need but occasionally overlook.

Quiet time for moms
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I’ve been thinking about the importance of quiet time and was excited to get to review a new resource- Mom’s Quiet Time Journal from Heart and Soul Homeschooling. I’m sharing three reasons why you will benefit from a regular quiet time and some details about his new, awesome resource.

Having a regular quiet time gives you consistent time to spend with God.

As a Christian, it’s so important to have a regular time to read God’s Word and pray. As a mom, you know it’s sometimes hard to go to the bathroom alone, much less read the Bible and pray without interruption. When you try to establish a consistent, regular quiet time- maybe during nap time, maybe at night for an hour while Daddy plays with the kids- you can take some of this time to read your Bible and pray. 
I use the YouVersion app to find different Bible reading plans. That’s a good way for me to have the Bible and a plan at my fingertips without having to think too much to make my own plan. Whatever you decide to do about getting into Scripture- whether it’s reading a verse a day or multiple chapters- having a regular quiet time is a key to your spiritual growth.

Having a regular quiet time gives you time to breathe and decompress from a stressful day.

I’m sure that you’ve had those days. You know, the ones where you hit the ground running and just can’t seem to stop? The days when the kids challenge every single thing you tell them? The days when one child is stuck on that academic concept that you just can’t seem to get across? You’ve had them too, I’m sure.
On those days, it’s especially important to have time to sit and breathe and just take a minute to yourself. Maybe you need to write down your thoughts. Maybe you need to just sit for a minute. A regular quiet time gives you the opportunity to do that.

Having a regular quiet time gives you time to be creative.

Before I was mom, I enjoyed scrapbooking and card making. I would try little creative decorating projects that I saw online or in magazines. I read books, long books. And then I had kids. With each successive child- four children in six years with a miscarriage in between- I had less and less to be creative. I didn’t have time to think about it and didn’t have the energy to follow through on a project. 
Having a regular quiet time has at least given me the opportunity to practice a little creativity. I can read books- maybe not epics- and I can think about creative projects I want to complete. Even with just a short, regular quiet time, you can exercise your creativity.
Quiet time for moms

Mom’s Quiet Time Journal

The Mom’s Quiet Time Journal from Heart and Soul Homeschooling can be a great resource that you use during your regular quiet time. I loved seeing the digital version of the journal which is available in a paperback form on Amazon. Why are you going to love this journal too?
~ It’s got 150 beautiful pages that will guide your thoughts during your quiet time.

Moms quiet time journal

~ For coloring fanatics- like me- there are beautiful coloring pages and verses and quotes to color.

Moms quiet time journal

~ There are writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing.
~ There are places to make lists of books you’ve read or want to read.
~ You can plan out projects you want to work on.
~ There are pages for journaling where you can write the date and then journal entries.
~ You can find graphic organizers to help you organize your thoughts- a huge benefit on those stressful, whirlwind days.

Moms quiet time journal

~ The journal is elegant and beautifully styled. It will make you feel relaxed and inspired to get writing and thinking.
I think that the Mom’s Quiet Time Journal would be an excellent resource for any mom who wants to establish a regular quiet time, but I especially think that moms who are visual and love writing will get so much out of this journal.

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