Explore Geography With Five Country Unit Studies...And a FREE My Country Study Packet

A few years ago, I did a whole school year of geography with my younger kids. They loved it, and I did too. Learning about different countries and cultures was lots of fun for all of us. One reason is because we used a unit study approach to geography. For each country or continent we studies; we read books; we watched videos; we explored websites; we cooked food; we made crafts. The unit study approach allowed us to truly become absorbed in each country.

If you’re studying geography and want to use a unit study approach, this five day series is for you. You can find unit studies for Australia, Brazil, Kenya, England, and Russia. You can also pick up a free My Country Study Packet. This packet can be printed and used for each country that you study. It guides kids in recording information about each country as well as locating each country on a map.
Free geography unit studies
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Find all five unit studies here:

Get your freebies.

And if you’ve never created a unit study, you can pick up a free step-by-step unit study planner here.
Free geography unit studies

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