Three Awesome Reasons to Read Biographies With Your Kids...And Some Great Biography Series to Get You Started

Although I’ve always loved books, I have to admit that I was never much of a biography reader when I was younger. I would read one if it were required at school, but I never really chose a biography when given the choice. Developing a love for biographies has come as I read to my own kids. I love to share biographies with them. In today’s Read Aloud Wednesdays post, we’re looking at the beauty of reading good biographies. And don’t forget to link up your reading related posts at the end.

Reading biographies with kids

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In my first year with the TOS Review Crew, I had the opportunity to review a biography of Jim Elliot from YWAM Publishing. I immediately discovered a resource that was a keeper. This year Ashlyne, Rachel, and I have read quite a few YWAM missionary biographies as part of our geography study from My Father’s World. All of us have enjoyed them- maybe me most of all. And I’ve begun to see the beauty of reading aloud good biographies.

Historical Information

Reading a biography is an excellent way to learn about a time period in history without just reading dry and dusty facts. Last year, studying the Roman empire through the Reformation time period, we read Galen and the Gateway to Medicine, the biography of a physician during the time of Rome. Through reading about Galen’s life and the medicine he practiced, we learned much about the time period. A biography can give the reader a real life glimpse of a time in history.

Worldview Discussion

The characters that we read about in biographies were real people who lived real lives. They made good choices, and they made bad choices. When we read biographies- especially sharing them out loud- we can discuss the choices that they made. We can talk about what they did right and what they did wrong. And we can discuss things we would have done differently. The girls and I read the YWAM biography of David Livingston earlier this year. Although he was a missionary and had a heart to win people to the Lord, there were decisions he made that we didn’t always agree with. Some good worldview discussions came out of that. It was good to talk about what we agreed with and didn’t agree with and why.

Inspiration and Encouragement

Reading about real people who have made difficult decisions, who have overcome difficult odds, who have kept going in the face of difficulties is inspiring. It really helps to encourage us in whatever situation we find ourselves. We know that others who have gone before have had to face difficulties and have endured. And we can be inspired to do the same. 
Reading the biography of George Mueller earlier this year was extremely inspiring. He was an awesome man of faith who trusted God in situations that seemed impossible. And right now we’re reading the biography of Gladys Aylward. I think she may be my favorite so far. She faced incredible difficulties that would have made most anyone else give up on ever making it to China. But she persevered because she knew it was God’s will. When we share these stories, we can be encouraged by the choices that these people have made.
Reading biographies with kids

Great Biographies You Can Start With

If you want to start reading biographies with your kids, here are some great ones to begin with.
Biographies are great choices for reading aloud. Sharing them with our kids can be powerful and can lead to some really good conversations.

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