20+ Tips for a Great Homeschooling Year

I’ve always loved Back-to-School time. When I was a student, I loved school and looked forward to the start every year. (Plus, who doesn’t enjoy buying new school supplies?!) When I was a classroom teacher, Back-to-School was a time to decorate my classroom and look forward to meeting new kids. And as a homeschool mom, even when we schooled year round, Back-to School is when we transition to a new year of homeschooling. We get new curricula in the mail. I start new lesson plans. The whole new year stretches out in front of us. It’s exciting!

But, I have to admit that, occasionally, the start of a new homeschool year has been a little scary too. When we transition to a new season of homeschooling, we can feel a little anxious when Back-to-School time rolls around. Whether you’re a new homeschooler or you’ve been homeschooling a few years or you’re a veteran homeschooler, we can all need a little inspiration and encouragement sometimes.

Homeschooling tips

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So…I’m sharing some homeschooling tips. I’ve broken these tips up into five different posts and collected them all here for you. There’s also an awesome giveaway – $250 to Rainbow Resource!-here so make sure that you keep reading and enter at the bottom of the post.

Tips for Choosing Your Homeschooling Method

I started homeschooling with an idea in my mind about how “school” should be, what it should look like, what books we should use. That idea quickly changed, and my homeschooling method has shifted over the years. If you are a new homeschooler and not sure what all this homeschool method talk is about or if you’ve been homeschooling for a while and realize that what you’re doing isn’t working, these tips can help you to choose a homeschool method that works for your family.

Tips for Homeschooling Bigs With Littles in the Mix

I’m not going to lie. My most difficult homeschooling year was the year I had an infant and a toddler and was trying to homeschool a five and six year old. We lived through it, and I’m here on the other side sharing some tips to help you navigate what can often be a tricky, tiring, and frustrating season of homeschooling.

Tips for Homeschooling When Kids Don’t Want to Learn

I hate to burst your bubble if you’re new to homeschooling, but no matter how hard you try, you’ll have days, weeks, or even months when your kids don’t want to learn. So what’s a homeschool mama to do with these recalcitrant kids? Here are a few tips.

Tips for Homeschooling High School

High School. The words can strike fear in a homeschooling mama’s heart. I can surely say that the idea of high school really terrified me. Now I’ve graduated two kids and will have two high schoolers this year, and I can say that homeschooling through high school is a true blessing. I know that might not alleviate all your fears, though, so this post has five tips for homeschooling through high school.

One Big Tip for Enjoying Your Homeschooling Days

This is what it’s all about, friends. This is the most important tip out of all the ones collected here. It’s the core of homeschooling for our family, and I’m sharing it here.
Homeschooling tips
I hope that these tips encourage and inspire you- whatever season of homeschooling you’re in. Do you have a favorite homeschooling tip? Leave it in the comments,

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