25 Summer-Themed Unit Studies...Free and Frugal

When my kids were younger and we homeschooled year round, my favorite summer learning resources were unit studies. I loved to take a break from our regular books and curriculum and have fun as a whole family doing unit studies. Even if you don’t homeschool year round, a unit study is a great way to keep the learning going and keep a little bit of a routine in your house all summer long.

This round up has twenty-five free or inexpensive unit studies that are summer themed. There are unit studies that include all the resources and you plan and use them as you like. There are also unit studies that are already planned out and include printables, and there are unit studies that include lapbooks (some of my favorites!). I’ve included 4th of July unit studies in a separate section because there are so many of them. I’ve tried to mark each with a (FREE) or a ($) so you’ll know what to expect.

Summer unit studies
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Have fun learning this summer with unit studies.

Unit Study Resource Collections

Each of these unit studies has a collection of resources about the topic. You can use the books and resources linked to create your own unit study. (Never created your own unit study? Pick up my free Create Your Own Unit Study ebook that includes unit study planning pages when you subscribe to As We Walk Along the Road.)
Ice Cream Unit Study from Homeschooling on a Dime (FREE)- What better summer unit study? Of course you can make homemade ice cream when you’re through!
Beach-Themed Unit Study from As We Walk Along the Road (FREE)- When my kids were younger, I loved creating a beach unit study that we could do around the time of our yearly summer beach trip.
Ocean Unit Study from Life Over C’s (FREE)- Are you going to the beach this summer? This is a perfect unit study to tie in. There are free printables too, but the whole post is a great collection of resources.
Ocean Animals Unit Study from The Homeschool Scientist (FREE)- Do you have animal lovers? You can take the ocean theme further and explore ocean animals with this unit study.
At the Beach Unit Study from The Multitaskin’ Mom (FREE)– This is another beach themed study with some great resources.
Flower Unit Study from 123 Homeschool 4 Me (FREE)- This is a great collection of flower-themed resources, and it’s laid out in a daily checklist of activities.
Oceans of the World from Six Dollar Family (FREE)- This ocean unit study has a geography focus that looks at the oceans all over the world.
Hurricane Unit Study from Look! We’re Learning (FREE)- Study hurricanes during hurricane tracking season. This unit study resources page also includes free notebooking pages.

Planned Unit Studies With Printables

Most of the planning is done for you in these unit studies. They include a printable pack or lesson guide.
Camping Unit Study with Printables from Year Round Homeschooling (FREE)– It’s too hot to camp in the summer where I live, but I know that camping is a popular summertime activity. This unit study has printables and is for middle schoolers.
Shark Unit Study with Printables from Royal Baloo (FREE)– Kids are fascinated with sharks. Capitalize on that with this unit study printable pack.
All About Beaches from Look! We’re Learning ($)– This printable pack has activities for science, geography, language arts, and more.
Shark Jam on Teachers Pay Teachers ($)- This unit study for early elementary grades has all kinds of great learning materials all about sharks.
Shark Unit Study from Build Your Library ($)- This is another great printable unit study that will help you learn all about sharks.
Sensational Sunflowers from The Old Schoolhouse ($)– Want to learn about sunflowers? This multi-age unit study will help. Maybe you can plant your own sunflowers as well!

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Unit Studies That Include Lapbooks

These unit studies include a lapbbook that you can have kids make to go along with the study. Never made a lapbook? This video tutorial from Confessions of a Homeschooler is great!
Dolphin Unit Study with Lapbook from HomeschoolShare (FREE)– Dolphins are fascinating animals. They are intelligent and cute too. Learn more about them with this unit study/lapbook.
We’re Going to the Zoo Lapbook and Unit Study from HomeschoolShare (FREE)– The heat here prevents us from enjoying the zoo in the summer, but if the weather in your area is good, the zoo is a fun summer outing. You can extend the learning with this lapbook.
Sea Turtle Unit Study and Lapbook from Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus (FREE)– Sea turtles are a great animal to take time studying in the summer. If you have a sea turtle rescue nearby, you can even take a field trip!
Sunny Summer Lapbook from Knowledge Box Central ($)- This lapbook for grades K-8 teaches kids all about summer weather, holidays, animal adaptations, and more.
Mosquitoes Lapbook from Hands of a Child ($)- Where we live, mosquitoes are plentiful in the summer. More than once we’ve asked, “Why did God make mosquitoes?!” Learn more about this often annoying insect with this multi-age lapbook.

4th of July Unit Studies

These unit studies include resource collections, printables, and lapbooks and are all about the 4th of July, Independence Day.
4th of July Unit Study from Beauty in the Mess (FREE)– This is a great collection of 4th of July resources.
Patriotic Unit Study Resources from Meet Penny (FREE)- These resources aren’t just for Independence Day, but there are quite a few that would go well with a 4th of July unit study.
4th of July Unit Study from 123 Homeschool 4 Me (FREE)- This is another great collection of resources for the 4th of July.
July 4th Independence Day Lapbook from Knowledge Box ($)– This lapbook is all about the history of July 4th and can be downloaded or purchased in a print format.
4th of July Online Unit Study from Techie Homeschool Mom ($)- This unit study has very little prep and is a multi-age, self-paced, online study.
Declaration of Independence Lapbook from Hands of a Child ($)– This multi-age lapbook will help you learn all about the Declaration of Independence.

Summer unit studies

Have a great- and learning-filled- summer! Don’t forget to pick up your free guide to planning a unit study when you subscribe below.

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