Back to Homeschool Round Up: The Best of Back-to-Homeschool Posts, Giveaways, and Sales

The thrill of brand new schoolbooks, the promise of clean notebooks not yet written in, the smell of fresh new crayons, the expectations of a new schedule with fun and challenging schoolwork- I've always loved back-to-school time.

As a homeschool mom I've continued to enjoy the start of new school year. Even when we homeschooled year-round, August was the start of our "new year", and we enjoyed going back-to-school shopping and getting new curricula in the mail. The kids enjoy this time of year as well, but I confess that I'm probably more excited than they are as we head into the next homeschool year.

If you're as excited about starting back to school as I am, or if you aren't but admit that it is, indeed, inevitable, this is a round up of back-to-homeschool posts with tips and information, back-to-homeschool giveaways to help you stock up on supplies, and a few back-to-homeschool sales that might be useful.

Back-to-Homeschool resources
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Back-to-Homeschool Posts

If you're like me, you may be a little unsure of what grade level to call your kids this year. This post can help.

Not sure what electives to guide your high school kids to this year? This post has some elective ideas.

Wish you had a real homeschool room? Me too! Here are some tips for making space when you're house is small.

Even though back-to-homeschool is very busy, it's important that we prioritize our own quiet time when we're creating the schedule. This post has ideas for doing that.

We all have those homeschool supplies we wouldn't want to live without. Here are five of mine you can add to your list as you're getting your things together to start back to homeschooling.

Choosing curricula can be one of the most frustrating things about homeschooling, and, if you're like me, you sometimes leave it until the last minute. If you're still struggling, these tips can help you to get your curricula picked out for the new year.

I've already mentioned that our house is small and we don't have a designated school room. This post has some tips that can help you to keep your school space organized no matter how much room you have.

Are you new to homeschooling this year? This post has the top ten things that new homeschooling mamas need to know. You can even pick up a free printable to remind you of them.

Join all the not-back-to-homeschool fun at the Homeschool Mindset Blog Party. I'm a contributor!

And make sure you check out the Teach My Child event at Proverbial Homemaker. There's tons of great freebies and giveaways going on as well as some great posts. I'm contributing there as well.

Back-to-Homeschool Giveaways

I'm a contributor for the Homeschool Mindset blog series going on through August. You can enter a host of great giveaways from all of the party contributors here- including mine! (Ends August 31, 2018)

I'm also a contributor for the Teach My Child series at Proverbial Homemaker. There are eight awesome bundles of giveaways there, so make sure you enter! (Ends August 31, 2018)

Back-to-Homeschool Sales

Did you know that As We Walk Along the Road has a shop? You can pick up my ebook- Creating Homeschool Lesson Plans That Work as well as my awesome Charlotte's Web Literature Notebooking unit study which is perfect for your elementary aged kids. Through Aug. 18, 2018 you can get anything in the shop 50% off using the code BACKTOHOMESCHOOL.

I love, love, love notebooking, ya'll. I really do. If you love notebooking too, you want to make sure you head over to's sale. From July 25-27, 2018, you can get their lifetime membership for $25 off. This is important because it's going to be your last chance to get a lifetime membership. After this there will be an annual fee to be a member. And members get tons and tons of great notebooking pages. Go check it out!

Compass Classroom is one of my favorite curricula resource sites. Their Back-to-School sale happens August 1-8, 2018 and you can get curricula for up to 50% off. They have Latin, vocabulary, history, Bible, economics, film making, and more. So check out their sale.

Back-to-Homeschool resources

Are you excited to get back into the homeschool routine? I hope that this collection helped to spark the back-to-homeschool spirit for you!

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  1. I am actually not at all excited about starting up another year of homeschooling; well I mean I am but I just don't want summer to end! Thanks for this huge list of resources. Pinned.


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