Comprehensive Language Arts Taught With Excellent Literature

If you’ve been around the blog for any length of time, it’s no secret that I love great literature. I love to find curricula that is built around great literature. Through all that we do in our homeschool, I want my kids to read great books.

This was important to me as a classroom teacher as well. And I was always frustrated when I had to use language arts curricula that wasn’t based on literature. Sometimes there would be a reading curriculum that used only classroom readers and never real books, along with a separate spelling and vocabulary program and a separate grammar and writing program. Nothing was connected and real books, great books weren’t ever part of the program.

When I first began homeschooling and wanted to used boxed curricula because I needed a guide and some structure, I ran into the same frustration- language arts curricula that was all separate- reading books, spelling and vocabulary workbooks, grammar and writing workbooks- and none of it based on good books.

Comprehensive language arts curriculum

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I was very excited, though, to find a comprehensive language arts program that is structured and gives guidance for the parent or teacher, but also integrates all of the parts of the language arts and- best of all- does it using great literature as the base.

I found the Pathways 2.0 program from Kendall Hunt RPD. Another plus with this curriculum for me? It’s Christian-based (Seventh Day Adventist) and uses books from a Christian worldview as well as focusing on a child’s heart and spiritual life along with academics.

Comprehensive language arts curriculum

About the Pathways 2.0 Language Arts Program

Pathways 2.0 is a reading program that integrates all of the language arts and is based on good children’s literature. It’s available for grades 1-8. We tried out part of the 7th grade series. The program includes nine themed units for each grade level. The nine themed units are the same for every grade, but the literature used varies by grade level. The nine themes are

  • Heroes
  • My World
  • Living Things
  • Walking With God
  • Friends and Family
  • Environment
  • Personal Feelings
  • Yesterday
  • Social Issues
We received the first unit-Heroes-for 7th grade, and the main reason that I really wanted to use this unit was because of the book that goes along with it. The book is a biography of David Livingstone from one of our favorite series- Christian Heroes Then and Now. 
Comprehensive language arts curriculum

What the Pathways 2.0 Language Arts Units Include

The units come with a detailed Daily Lesson Guide. If you are a boxed-curriculum homeschooler who loves to have structure and guidance for your teaching, this is awesome! It’s laid out for five days each week. Each day includes a section for Word Study, which includes vocabulary and spelling; Reading Workshop, which includes comprehension discussions as well as guided and independent reading; and Writing Workshop, which includes writing and grammar lessons.
The units are written so that they can be used in a classroom with elements for whole-group instruction, small-group instruction, and independent reading. This can easily be adapted to use with a single student in your homeschool, or, if you can combine students like me, you can do some of the whole-group or small-group activities with them together.
Comprehensive language arts curriculum

Why You’ll Love Pathways 2.0 as Your Language Arts Curriculum

  • If you are a scheduled, boxed-curriculum homeschooler, these language arts units are great. The daily guides lay out everything you need to do in a detailed manner. You know exactly how to use the materials.
  • If you want an integrated language arts program where kids are learning reading, spelling and vocabulary, and writing grammar skills all in a comprehensive way, these units are for you. I love that the kids are reading a book, studying spelling and vocabulary related to what they’re reading, and practicing grammar and writing skills with what they’re reading.
  • If you love great literature, real books, this language arts program is for you. Instead of textbooks and watered down readers, the kids are reading real books at every level of the program. I love the book chosen for this Heroes unit, and the books that go along with the other units at every grade level are also great.
Comprehensive language arts curriculum

Find Out More About This Comprehensive Language Arts Program

You can learn more about Pathways 2.0 from this brochure. This is a brand new updated program. You can also find out by checking out this page from the Kendall Hunt RPD site.

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