New Clean Romantic Fiction: A Contradiction to His Pride

Romantic fiction is one of the genres I often read- especially when it is historical and when it’s clean. Romantic fiction doesn’t have to be “Christian” to be clean. It’s always refreshing to read a great romance-themed book that is clean and has characters that are actually moral.

Recently I had the opportunity to read A Contradiction to His Pride by Leanne W. Smith. It’s a clean, historical romance set in the Old West. It’s the follow up to a previous book by the same author- Leaving Independence.

Romantic fiction review
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About the Book…

From the book’s description: From the moment James met Corrine as they traveled the Oregon Trail, in Smith’s best-selling debut novel Leaving Independence, he couldn’t resist trying to win the sharp-mouthed beauty’s affections.

Now, as the core group of pioneers in Colonel Dotson’s wagon train begins to settle in Baker City, Oregon and build homesteads, James is restless to make his fortune so he can stake his own claim and win Corrine’s hand with honor.

But when James takes Corrine on an outing designed to impress her, things go tragically wrong. James foils a bank robbery and unwittingly sets a series of events into motion that shatter Corrine’s heart and now threaten her life, along with his and her older brother Charlie’s.

Soon there are several folks heading back down the trail–James, Charlie, Corrine, Harry and Tam Sims, the Baker City Sheriff, a newspaperman, a notorious criminal family, and Hoke Mathews–all set to collide in a final showdown in a Colorado mining town as outlaw Duke Walden seeks to make James pay for his heroic actions.

Get the Book…

You can find A Contradiction to His Pride here and Leanne W. Smith’s first book- Leaving Independence here.

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