Four Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Science...And an Awesome Science App for Kids

I have a confession. When I was in elementary school and later in high school, I really didn’t like science. I easily rated it as one of my least favorite subjects. It was one of those I had to take because it was required. But I definitely didn’t like it. I avoided most science in college, taking only the required basic biology course.

But then I began teaching my own children. And I discovered something. Science can really be fun!

It’s true. As I found science resources for our homeschool, I became excited about the subject. And now, I feel like I’ve had a second chance with science. As I’ve learned it along with my kids, it’s become one of my favorite subjects.

So…what makes the difference? Why did science go from my least favorite subject to one I genuinely enjoy?

When I was in school, science meant a dry and dusty textbook. It had big words and gross pictures. That’s what I remember most. And learning science in high school just meant reading that book for homework and coming into class the next day to listen to a dry, lengthy lecture about what I just read. But when I began to look for ways to teach science to my kids, I found other resources, better ways to teach science concepts. The secret, my friend, is that I found ways to make learning science fun- for the kids and for me.

Apps to make science learning fun

Disclosure: I received a free subscription and compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

My kids and I recently had the opportunity to look at a science app for kids that proves that kids can have fun…and learn science. Here are four fun ways to help kids learn science concepts, and a look at the awesome Tappity app.

Do plenty of hands-on activities.

When I was learning science in school, having a day where we actually did an experiment was a huge deal. They happened so rarely that when we had the opportunity, the class went wild. Which is probably why they didn’t do experiments often. It’s sort of a cycle thing, I guess. Anyway, we rarely did experiments. And, as I’ve discovered with my own kids, they not only make science fun, they are also often much better than a textbook for really helping kids understand the concept. This post has some great hands-on science resources you can try.

Point out science concepts in everyday life.

If you had told me after I finished high school that science really had meaning in my everyday life, I may not have believed you. Yes, I suppose it’s helpful to understand some basic biology or weather science, but did I really have to take science classes all through twelve years of school to understand that? Nope.

The fact it that there is science all around us- even though we don’t often notice it as such. But when we start to recognize the science around us and point it out to our kids, they realize that science really is applicable. Do you cook? Talk about the chemistry of baking. Is it hurricane season, watch the news and use a hurricane tracking chart (also great for geography). Is there a storm outside? Talk about what caused it. Did you get a new appliance? Take apart the old, non-working one with the kids and see how it all works together. When you begin to really look, you’ll see that science is all around us. (By the way, don’t be intimidated about pointing it out because you don’t understand. You can learn along with the kids. Look it up online or find a book and learn!)

Apps to make science learning fun

Read living books for science.

Science textbooks, ya’ll. Science textbooks. I admit that with some research and really looking and asking other homeschool moms, I’ve found some great ones throughout the years. But often, one reason that science isn’t fun is because the science books are just not interesting. Experiments are great, but sometimes you do need to read about a science concept or process. Is there a better way than using a boring textbook? Yes!

Read real, living books. Read biographies of great scientists or interesting, descriptive books about science concepts. This post has some great living books for elementary and middle school science. And you can also find living books for science in my living books catalog (use the subject connections column to look for science).

Use fun technology.

Do your kids watch videos? Play computer games? Use apps on a iPad or iPhone? Mine too. So, how about we take advantage of all of that technology and use it to make science fun. Do you have a child who loves all things outer space? Find some great videos or games that teach about it. With the internet at your fingertips, there is no end of great online and downloadable resources the allow kids to learn science…and have fun at the same time.

We recently had the opportunity to try out a fun science app for kids- Tappity. It’s a perfect example of the way that kids can learn science and have lots of fun doing it.

Apps to make science learning fun

Tappity: An App That Makes Learning Science Fun

What is Tappity?

Tappity is an iPhone and iPad app that provides interactive stories to teach kids ages 4-9 science concepts. Kids choose a story or a “mini mystery”, click, watch video and complete activities.

Apps to make science learning fun

What can kids learn with Tappity?

I was impressed with the variety of material available! Kids can learn about

  • Space
  • Evolution
  • Dinosaurs
  • Geology
  • Animals
  • The Ocean
  • Insects
The stories and mini mysteries have real video footage, so kids are seeing real animals, real footage from outer space, real environments and habitats. Because information is presented in this way, kids are interacting with the natural world- which is what science is all about- even when they are playing away on an app.
Apps to make science learning fun

How does Tappity work?

When kids start the app and login, they’ll see a variety of different activities to choose from. Some of these are longer stories with more for kids to do, and some are mini mysteries which answer some of those questions that kids always seem to ask, such as, “Why are flamingos pink?” Even the mini mysteries have some interactive sections and something for the kids to do. This was they are tuned in and focusing on the video instead of just tuning it out- and we all know kids who do that, right?
As kids go through the story, they answer questions, click different items, drag things to places on the screen, and more.The cool thing is that because the stories unfold based on the decisions that the child makes, they can play these stories again and again and learn new and different things.
Apps to make science learning fun

Will your child like Tappity?

Obviously all kids are different. Have you ever taken your friend’s recommendation for a curriculum that all of her kids absolutely loved only to buy it, bring it home, and have your kids hate it? Me too. But I was impressed by the quality of Tappity.
The graphics and video aren’t just a cartoon. There are real people talking and real video footage of real places, real animals, etc. This means that even though the app is meant for young kids, kids aren’t being talked down to. (That’s one of my pet peeves when it comes to many “learning games” for kids. I was impressed that Tappity doesn’t do this. Instead, it provides information in a way that is engaging for kids but is scientifically accurate and easy to listen to.
I have to admit that I found myself playing with the app far too long to really justify as “research for my post”, and my girls- who are a good bit older than the age this app is intended for- were actually clearing off room on the iPad to add it when they saw some of the activities available.
Apps to make science learning fun

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, for a one-income homeschool family, cost is always something to think about. With Tappity, you can choose a month, year or lifetime subscription. You can find Tappity in the app store, and the membership choices are very reasonable. My readers can try Tappity for one month for free with the code aswewalk

How can I learn more?

You can see Tappity in the app store here. And you can learn more about the app by visiting here and by watching the video below.
Science is truly a fun subject…at least when we don’t ruin it by making it boring and uninteresting. Make learning science fun for your kids. And give Tappity a try!

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