Apologia's Health and Nutrition Curriculum: Homeschool Health and Nutrition From a Christian Worldview

In our state, a health and nutrition course is required for graduation. And the course has to include information about “human reproduction.” Yep. That’s how it’s worded. Needless to say, the kids aren’t especially thrilled when they realize that this is a requirement.

For my older kids, I had no problem at all finding a course with the nutrition component. It’s the other bit that was more difficult. I wanted a resource that came from a Christian worldview and that presented the information in a straightforward and complete way. It was difficult to find that, and, of course, we ended up with two different resources- one for nutrition and the other for reproduction.

Recently, though, I discovered that Apologia- one of my very favorite science curricula publishers- has a nutrition course. Yep. And, I was thrilled to be able to review it and use it for my two high school aged girls this school year.

A review of #Apologia's #homeschool health and nutrition course for high school #AsWeWalk

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this curriculum and compensation for my review. All opinions, as always, are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

We received the Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition book as well as one Student Notebook. (I quickly ordered an additional notebook because one of the things my girls love about our Apologia science is the accompanying notebook!)

About Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition course is a course intended for high school credit. It can be adapted for one or two semesters, depending on your needs. The course covers emotional health, food and nutrition, sicknesses and wellness habits, and reproduction. All of the material is presented from a Christian worldview, so students are consistently directed back to the idea that their bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and care of their bodies- in every way- is honoring to God.

The book is divided into fifteen modules and works in much the same way that Apologia’s science curricula works. As students progress through the modules, they have drawings and illustrations for the material they are reading, On Your Own questions to test comprehension, and projects that are a hands-on way to cement what they are learning.

You can use the course without the Student Notebook, but we love Apologia’s notebooks. In the years before Apologia offered these awesome notebooks, we were already keeping up with all of this information, but we had to do it in binders and folders and spiral notebooks. Now it’s all in one handy place. The Student Notebook includes

  • A suggested schedule
  • A place to record grades for every module’s assignments and tests
  • Room for note-taking for each module
  • The On Your Own questions with a space to answer them
  • Every project from the book with a place to record the experience and answer any questions
  • Study guides for every module’s tests
  • Tests for each module
Now you see why I had to get another one right away so that both girls could use one!

Why I Love This Curriculum for Our Homeschool Health and Nutrition Credit

I expected great things from this course because of all that I know about Apologia- and the fact that I’ve loved pretty much all curricula I’ve ever used from them. And I wasn’t disappointed. There are a number of things I particularly love about using this curriculum for our homeschool health and nutrition credit.

The curriculum addresses all facets of nutrition and health.

Finally. I have everything we need for our health and nutrition credit all in one place. This curriculum is comprehensive and covers it all. I’m so glad to not have to piece together resources to meet the requirements for this high school credit!

I love the Christian worldview.

Teaching kids about health and addressing reproduction can get tricky. I want a resource that shares our worldview. This curriculum constantly brings everything back to the fact that we are specially created by God and our bodies are His temple. Those are important concepts to me and ones I want to keep forefront as we talk about health and nutrition.

I love the notebooks.

Ya’ll. I can’t even describe just how much I love these notebooks and how beneficial they are. We are a notebooking family. We keep notebooks for everything. But it is so awesome to have a curriculum that already comes with these notebooks that already have everything we need in one place. The notebooks are awesome!

A review of #Apologia's #homeschool health and nutrition course for high school #AsWeWalk

Learn More About This Homeschool Health and Nutrition Course and Get Your Own

You can find the Apologia Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition curriculum here. Apologia also has this page where you can get a free Health and Nutrition activity ebook and samples of this curriculum and… the Student Notebook. (Did I say how much I loved it?)

A review of #Apologia's #homeschool health and nutrition course for high school #AsWeWalk

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