Homeschooling Without a Schoolroom: 6 Resources I Use to Make it Work

When I first started to homeschool my children, I dreamed of a designated schoolroom. It would have desks and flags and educational posters and shelves full of books. Yes, I was envisioning a school classroom. Because, you see, I had been a teacher in a traditional school. And in my mind, those things all needed to be a part of a schoolroom.

But real life came along and messed up my plans. We live in a small house. I’ve never had room to have a room that was just a schoolroom. The room that we currently use as our “schoolroom” contains a dining table, pantry shelves, a shelf of craft supplies, and a desk with our printer and primary school books. It used to be bigger, but we split the bigger room and made a room for my oldest daughter in one half.

Thankfully life also changed my view of homeschooling. I moved away from the idea that we needed to do school at home. I became more flexible. And my idea of what a schoolroom should be changed.

Don’t get me wrong. I still would have loved to have a designated schoolroom. But, instead, we’ve adapted, and all the things I would have put in a schoolroom are actually all around our house. We have a timeline down our hall wall, a large map on the wall in our living room, bookshelves anywhere and everywhere that they can fit, and workspaces for the kids in their bedrooms.

I have come across some things that have made our homeschooling easier without a schoolroom. These things have helped keep us organized and provided a place to store our supplies so that we can truly use anywhere in the house to “do school.”

Here's how I #homeschool with a designated #schoolroom. #AsWeWalk

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Plastic bins provide a place to store supplies and are easy to carry from room to room.

I don’t know what I would have done without plastic bins. I use them to hold the books that we’re currently using. The kids use them to organize their books and supplies.

Here's how I #homeschool with a designated #schoolroom. #AsWeWalk

Bookshelves are staged around the house and hold school books as well as reading material.

Although it’s my dream to one day have a library, in the meantime I have bookshelves everywhere. I’m almost ashamed to say how many shelves and books I have, but I will admit that I hate to get rid of books. So as we collect great books to read, they are just added to our shelves.

Fabric boxes can be used to store craft supplies on bookshelves.

I also use my bookshelves to store craft supplies. So I put the supplies into plastic bins and fabric boxes to organize them on the shelves. The fabric bins are especially nice for holding random craft supplies. Wiggly eyes anyone?

Here's how I #homeschool with a designated #schoolroom. #AsWeWalk

Plastic drawers help to organize school and craft supplies.

Plastic drawers have also been a great way to store craft supplies. I like to get the stackable ones or the sets with multiple drawers. I can easily label these drawers, so it’s easy to get supplies back in the right place (at least in theory).

Milk crates are awesome because they can be used to extend storage when a bookshelf is full.

It seems like I’m always wanting my bookshelves to hold just a few more books. When this happens, I’ll often stack a milk crate on top or beside the shelf to hold extras.

Baskets make a great storage place and can be used to collect all the books laying around and put them away when company is coming over.

Because kids do schoolwork in any room of the house, there are often books in any- and every- room of the house. I’m not very concerned about home decor, but I do want people to be able to sit down when they come and visit, so when I know we’re having company, I round up the books and school supplies and put them in a pretty basket in the corner of the room.

Here's a look at how I #homeschool without a #schoolroom. #AsWeWalk

Homeschooling without a schoolroom can work. I can’t promise that it will always be organized or never messy, but it can work. These resources will help you keep your school materials together and easier to access.

Do you have a designated schoolroom?

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