15 Unique Gifts That Will Make Family Memories

It’s sometimes difficult to think of gifts to give because so many of the people on our lists already have so much … stuff, so many things. We don’t want to give gifts that just turn into one more material thing to use until it breaks or until it’s stored or until the owner needs to give it away to make room for more… stuff.

So, why not give a gift that’s more than that? How about a gift that will make an awesome family member? When I’ve been able to find and give these kinds of gifts, the recipient is always grateful. The gift is special, something to keep and treasure.

If you’re looking for those meaningful memory-making gifts, here are a few great gifts to start with.

Unique family memory gifts to give

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The Top Shelf Family Memory Jar

This sweet gift comes with 180 blank tickets and a pen. The recipient can put the jar and pen where it is easily accessible to the family. When family members have good memories they want to keep, they can write the memory on a ticket and place the ticket in the jar. The special memories will fill the jar and always be there for the family to read and remember.

Blank Cookbook: Family Recipes: Ingredients for Treasured Memories

Do you have some excellent cooks in your family? This blank recipe book will allow the recipient to collect and keep treasured family recipes.

This wall decal has a quote about family and stretching branches where you can place family photos. This is a beautiful gift that the recipient can use to display family photos in a cool way.

Family Tree of Life Floating Living Memory Love Heart Locket

Have a special mother or grandmother on your gift list? This locket is filled with the birthstones, so a mom and grandmother can fill it with the birthstones of children and grandchildren.

Do you have a new mom or dad or new grandparents on your gift list? This special frame has the materials to create a newborn hand and footprint keepsake as well as a frame for a special picture.

Darice Memory Hands Bucket Kit Precious Impressions, Keepsake

This hand mold plaster kit will allow the recipient to make a special mold of hands to commemorate a special event or just as a memory of family.

If you have a newly married or young couple on your gift list, this unique journal would make a great gift. It has space for fifty bucket list goals and space to record pictures of memories as each one of those is accomplished.
This beautiful sculptured box would make a sweet gift for a mother and daughter who want to save special memories. Save items like tickets, small trinkets, or even little pieces of paper with special memories written on them.

Philip Whitney Bronze Family Tree of Life Centerpiece Display Stand with 4 Hanging Photo Picture Frames

This cute bronze Tree of Life stand has four small photo frames to place photos of family members. (There are extra picture frames to purchase as well, if the recipient has a large family.)

Do you have someone with a cute furry friend on your gift list? This frame has a place for your pets picture and materials for making their paw print for the frame as well.
This sweet journal will guide a grandparent into recording events from his or her life as a keepsake for the grandkids. There are guided prompts and a pocket inside the cover to store special keepsakes.

KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar of Inspirational Messages

This beautiful jar gift has thirty-one notes. You can write a sweet message on each, and the recipient has a message to open every day of the month or any days they need a special pick-me-up.
Have any families with young kids on your gift list? This special keepsake journal is meant to represent the Saturdays you’ll have with your kids as they grow up. There is an activity book with 1000 suggested activities and a journal to record those special weekend times.
This gift is a beautiful canvas and supplies to create handprint art with the whole family. This would be an especially sweet gift for grandparents or to give a family with young kids.
This special journal has prompts that allow the writer to preserve special events and memories throughout her life. The journal can then be passed on to future generations.
Unique family memory gifts
These gifts won’t end up as something the recipient has to just store or give away, they will keep special memories that can be revisited each time the user looks at them. That’s a great gift!

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