Did You Know That Your High Schooler Can Earn Transferable College Credits from Home?

As my oldest two kids headed into their high school years, I was very interested in the idea of dual credit. The opportunity for them to take a class in high school that gave them a head start on college classes was very tempting. And I loved the idea that they would be able to “try out” college, to get an idea of what college classes and college work was like.

But there were several problems. One of the biggest obstacles was cost. College classes aren’t cheap. And, while kids can earn scholarships to cover fees when they actually reach their college years, classes they take in high school to earn college credits can’t be paid for in this way.

Another concern we had about these classes was the environment. There is often a big maturity difference in a younger high school student and college students. And I wasn’t sure about putting my kids in a college environment to earn these credits.

I was really excited to have an opportunity to take a look at program that could take care of these two big concerns and still allow high school kids to earn transferable college credits.

Accredited online college classes for high school

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I learned about Ed4Credit, a program that allows students to work at their own pace to complete courses and exams that will give them credits that can transfer to a number of different colleges. If you homeschool high schoolers or have kids who will soon be high schoolers, here are answers to some of the questions I had so that you can decide if the Ed4Credit program is right for you.

What is Ed4Credit and how does it help you save money on college?

Ed4Credit offers online, self-paced courses. There are a variety of courses in the categories of business, English, humanities, science, mathematics, technology, and social sciences. You select the courses you want. Each course is worth three college credits. You pay for the course (currently $195), and this cost includes your e-textbook, online information, student support, and a proctored final exam to earn your credits. Once you pay for a course, you have access to it for 120 days, and students can work at their own pace to complete it.
The cost of these courses is one of the things that makes them an awesome option. I know that my oldest registered recently for a class and paid over $800 for a three credit hour class. This, compared to the current $195 of these classes, makes them worth checking out!

Are these really transferable college credits?

Ed4Credit partners with the American Council on Education (ACE) to make sure that the courses they offer will be able to transfer to many different colleges. When students complete the proctored exam with the required score at the end of the course, the course will be added to their ACE Credit transcript. This will show all of the credits they’ve earned.
Wondering what colleges accept these credit? There is a list of over 2,000 colleges that will accept them on the site. It’s also noted that other colleges often accept these credits, so if your student doesn’t see a particular college on the list, it’s a good idea to ask the college about accepting the credits. 

How can students use Ed4Credit’s accredited, online, self-paced college courses?

All of Ed4Credit’s courses can be accessed as long as students have internet access. The courses a student has purchased are on the student’s dashboard. The platform is very intuitive and straightforward. Students can easily select the class they want to work on and can access the materials for that class easily as well.
In each course, students can view a syllabus. This syllabus explains the structure of the course and has a schedule that shows exactly what will be covered in each module and what the assignments for each module are. As the students work through the program, they will have an exam for each module. At the end of the course is a final, cumulative exam that is proctored by webcam. 
All of the materials a student needs for each course is included in the price of the course. On the dashboard, they’ll be able to access an e-textbook as well as other learning materials, videos, articles, and more.

Why should you use Ed4Credit?

I see many benefits to the Ed4Credit program. 
  • It’s low cost, compared to any college classes.
  • Students can work from home.
  • Students move at their own pace. 
  • Everything that the student needs to complete the program is right there, able to be accessed as long as students have internet access.
  • Taking these classes can give students an idea of what college classes will be like. This can help them make a decision about future college plans.
If you have high school students who are planning on going to college, it is definitely worth it for you to check out Ed4Credit. You can also pick up a free ebook from the site- 5 Ways to Get Alternative College Credits.
Accredited online college classes for high school
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