Elections Unit Study Resources and Free Unit Study Planner

Election Day in the United States is officially the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. It will fall somewhere between November 2-8. Whether there are national elections, state elections, or local elections, it’s a great time to create a unit study all about elections.

You can use the resources in this post to create your own unit study all about elections. I’ve tried to note lower (elementary) and upper (middle and high school). But one of the awesome things about homeschooling is that you can use and adapt materials to use with your whole family. I’ve also tried to note whether the materials are free or paid.

If you don’t have time to create your own unit study, at the end of the post I’m also sharing an awesome four-week Election 2018 unit study for the whole family.

Make sure you pick up your free unit study planner here. It has a step by step guide and printable sheets that can use to plan to your unit study.

Elections unit study resources #homeschooling

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See How They Run: Campaign Dreams, Election Schemes, and the Race to the White House by Susan E. Goodman (upper)

When You Grow Up to Vote: How Our US Government Works for You by Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Markel (lower)


Congress for Kids has a great Elections page that will explain to kids all about the different kinds of elections and what happens on Election Day. (lower)
This page from Scholastic has some great resources for younger and older kids all about Election Day. (lower and upper)
This site from USA.gov has articles about how presidents are voted in, voting requirements, voting and election history, and voting and election laws. (upper)

Activities and Printables

At A Dab of Glue Will Do you can find a free printable for early readers explaining how presidents are elected. (lower, free)
You can get a free Election Day puzzle packet with crosswords, word searches, and more at In All You Do Breed Love here. (lower, free)
Make your own voting booths and ballot boxes and hold a pretend election. (lower, free)
Homeschool Journeys has a great Election Day printable pack with puzzles, decorations, and more. (lower, free)
Young kids can understand Election Day with this cool Sesame Street video. (lower, free)
Education World has a variety of activities about elections for kids of all ages that you can access on the site for free. (lower and upper, free)
Citizens, Not Spectators has some great voting/election lesson plans for middle school and up. (upper, free)
This cool Election Day BINGO at Teachers Pay Teachers will help kids listen out for election and voting vocabulary during an election. (lower, $)
And this set of printables from Teachers Pay Teachers will help you run a mock election for younger kids. (lower, $)
Watch this classic Schoolhouse Rock video to learn about the Electoral College. (lower, free)
And this Crash Course video can help older kids make sense of elections. (upper, free)
Get kids writing about election day with these writing prompts from Journal Buddies. (upper, free)

Elections 2018 from Amanda Bennet

This unit study is a downloadable four-week study that the whole family can use. Activities in the study are divided into lower and upper levels, so you can choose activities based on the age of your kids. This awesome study has a number of great features.
~ The study is completely planned out for you in detail. Each week’s learning objectives are laid out, and daily activities are given for upper and lower levels.

~ The study includes vocabulary and copywork and encourages kids to keep a journal where they write what they’re learning. This is great for homeschoolers like me who love notebooking-style activities.

~ Each day there are video and website links that will direct you to the information that kids are learning. It’s nice to have these organized and ready for you.

~ There are several family projects suggested that will help you make this a fun family learning experience.

You can get the Elections 2018 unit study here. ($)

Elections unit study resources #homeschooling

With these resources, you can put together a great unit study that will help the kids- and you!- learn all about elections. (And don’t forget to pick up your free unit study planner here.)

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