Teaching Young Kids Touch Typing Skills: A TypeKids Review

I have to confess that I’ve been lax in teaching my kids touch typing skills. Instead of teaching them the keyboard so that they can type with both hands on the keyboard, not looking at the keys, I’ve just let them get along with the hunt and peck method. My older kids have had keyboarding in a high school co-op, but I know that it probably would have been easier if I had introduced some of these skills when they were younger.

But my problem has always been finding a program that would be interesting to younger kids, easy to use, and motivating for the kids to keep learning. I was really excited when I had the opportunity to review a touch typing program for kids that meets those requirements.

Teach young kids touch typing skills with TypeKids.
Disclosure: I received a free subscription and compensation for this review. All opinions are always my own.

We had the chance to review TypeKids, an online program that teaches kids touch typing skills so that they can type using both hands, not looking at the keyboard. This is a program that can definitely help younger kids learn to type quickly and efficiently.

What is TypeKids touch typing program?

TypeKids is an online program that teaches kids touch typing skills. Touch typing involves being able to type with both hands on the keyboard and without looking and the keyboard. The program has a story line with a pirate captain, so kids want to keep working to keep the narrative flowing. The program has thirty lessons that kids will complete.

Teach young kids touch typing skills with TypeKids.

Why would kids need to learn touch typing?

Now you may be thinking, “Why is this really important for younger kids to learn?” The fact is that in many of our daily lives, we are constantly typing. We compose emails. We connect with people on social media. We text. Kids turn in assignments online.

Even if you choose not to require assignments to be typed in your homeschool, it will likely be required if kids take a class in a co-op, take an online class, or take dual enrollment classes in a college. Because this is going to be such a large part of the lives of our kids, why not start teaching them skills that will help typing be so much more fluent and efficient for them?

How does this touch typing program for kids work?

When kids login to the program, they’ll begin lessons. In these lessons, they will focus on learning certain keys. Then they’ll be given exercises that help them practice these letters. As they practice, the program will let them know when they are correct or not. And the program adjusts so that students are practicing letter sequences that they are struggling with.

Everything in the program is explained through animations, and the Pirate storyline is also animated. It’s all colorful and engaging to capture the attention of the kids. As kids progress through the program, they can earn coins based on their accuracy. They’ll also earn badges for different accomplishments, and they’ll unlock typing games that they can play.

In addition to those motivations, there are items hidden throughout that the kids will find as they complete the lessons. And at the end of the program they will have an exam and receive a diploma. As students complete lessons, parents will receive a progress report of what kids have completed and how effective their practice has been.

Teach young kids touch typing skills with TypeKids.

Why should you try TypeKids?

If you’re looking for a typing/keyboarding program for your younger kids, there are some compelling reasons to give TypeKids a try (and you can try it for free!).

~ The colorful graphics and animations will capture the interest of kids. This is a program that they will want to use.

~ Because the program has a narrative storyline, kids will be more willing to continue on with lessons so that they can hear the next part of the story.

~ Earning coins and badges, finding treasure items, and unlocking games to play are all ways to ensure that kids stay interested and want to keep working.

~ It’s great that parents can see the progress as the kids work through the lessons and exercises.

Teach young kids touch typing skills with TypeKids.

If you’re looking for a way to help kids be more proficient in their typing skills, take a look at TypeKids. It’s a fun and effective way for them to learn.

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