Three Reasons Why Your Kids Need to Practice Typing and Free Typing Games to Help

Do your kids know how to type, or do they use the hunt and peck method of typing? In our current culture, many kids are using iPads and computers from very early on. But, despite the fact that my own kids frequently use these tools, I haven’t really been diligent about teaching them to actually type.

So, is learning to type and practicing typing necessary for kids now? Is it okay for them to just learn how to type by typing? Here are three reasons why you might want to consider regular typing practice and an awesome program with typing games, typing lessons, and typing tests for kids that you can use for free.

Free typing practice for kids
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Better typing skills can help kids to be more fluent writers.

As my kids get older, I prefer that they hand in typed writing assignments. There are several reasons for this. It’s easier for me to keep track of assignments and grade them when the kids can send them to me through email. We also don’t have to print all the assignments, saving paper and storing the assignments digitally. And it prepares kids for online high school classes and college classes that will require submitting typed assignments.

If kids aren’t fluent at typing as they begin to transition to turning in assignments online, it’s much more difficult for them to write fluently. I’ve watched my kids struggle with a paragraph or paper that shouldn’t have been beyond their writing abilities, but their lack of typing skill caused them to get frustrated typing their assignments. Typing practice can help to prevent this frustration.

Knowing how to type well helps kids type faster when they’re completing assignments.

There are other assignments- besides writing- that kids are going to need to learn to turn in online in high school classes or, later, college classes. If kids are slow in typing, typing any assignments can cause frustration and overwhelm because they take so long for kids to complete.

I taught an online class for middle schoolers, and the students were required to turn in all work online. I could tell which students were more fluent in typing because of how long it took kids to complete assignments. Sometimes even short assignments, like defining vocabulary words, seemed to take kids a very long time to complete. But this wasn’t because the assignment was difficult, it was because typing was unfamiliar and difficult. Regular typing practice will help kids to be able to complete these regular assignments more quickly.

Free typing games for kids

The ability to type fluently can help kids when they are learning other computer-related skills.

Our current society requires kids to learn computer skills. Kids- and adults- who don’t have some basic computer skills are going to repeatedly struggle when they are faced with our ever more digital society. Many kids “pick up” computer skills naturally. But when kids struggle with typing, some of these other computer-related skills can be more difficult to come.

If kids are taking coding classes, they’ll need to know how to type. If they’re taking a class to learn how to use productivity software, they’ll need to know how to type. If they are learning how to create a PowerPoint presentation, they’ll need to know how to type. And an inability to type fluently will affect their ability to learn some of these other skills easily.

KidzType and TypeDojo: Free Typing Lessons, Games, and Tests

Now that you know why it is important for kids to practice typing skills, how can you provide opportunity for your kids to practice regularly? We’ve been trying out the free typing games at KidzType. KidzType has a variety of free typing games and typing lessons for kids.

What is KidzType?

KidzType is an online site with typing lessons, typing exercises, and typing games to help kids become more fluent at typing. The program teaches kids to learn and practice touch typing- which involves being able to type without looking at the keyboard. Kids will learn to sit correctly and position their hands correctly so that they can type faster and more accurately.

Free typing games for kids

Why should you try KidzType?

KidzType is a site that you are going to want to bookmark and that the kids will want to use often. It has a number of awesome features that will encourage the kids to practice and will help their practice to be more effective.

~ There is an awesome infographic/typing chart that shows kids how to sit and position hands correctly for touch typing. It also shows the home row, top row, and bottom row letters. The chart would be great for reviewing the correct posture and positioning for touch typing, as well as reviewing the letters on the keyboard.

~ If the kids haven’t practiced touch typing before, they can begin with a variety of lessons that focus on specific parts of the keyboard.

~ There are typing practices that allow kids to practice from the basics up to paragraphs with a set amount of time. The practices don’t “penalize” for incorrect keys, so kids can focus on practicing letter positions without the added stress of sounds or penalties for incorrect typing.

~ Kids can learn the letters on the keyboard by typing them repeatedly. The typing exercises in the program help kids do this by having them type letter patterns repeatedly.

~ Besides the practices and exercises to help kids develop fluency in typing, there are also a variety of fun games that will appeal to kids. The games have levels so that kids can increase the level as their skill increases, helping the games not to be too hard or too easy.


After your kids have practiced, you can test their fluency by using the free typing test on TypeDojo, the sister site of TypeKidz. On this site, kids can test for one, three, or five minutes with tests available for various levels. At the end of the test, they’ll even get a professional looking certificate.

Free typing practice for kids

If you’re convinced that your kids need to become more fluent in typing, try out TypeKidz here for free and make sure to save the link for later!

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