Why a Live Online Math Class Is the Answer for Your Child Who's Struggling With Math

Math has never been my forte, ya’ll. I made it through math in high school with good grades, but only by putting in lots of hard work and by avoiding the higher level math classes all together. When I was an elementary school teacher, it was easy to teach math. After all, basic multiplication and division was about as difficult as it got. But when I became a resource teacher for high school, I found that I had to relearn much of the math that my students needed help with.

And then I began to homeschool my own children. And math became the bane of my existence. I’ve chronicled my experiences changing math curricula again and again and again. Part of the reason I found myself in this cycle was because I needed a curriculum that I understood! I wanted to be able to relearn what I needed to in order to teach my kids. And if the curriculum we were trying didn’t do a good job explaining- especially when it came to checking whether the kids’ answers were right or wrong- I struggled with it.

This back and forth and back and forth with various curricula has resulted in my oldest kids struggling with math in college. They are making it and figuring it out, but it hasn’t been easy for them. And I know that my inconsistency and lack of ability to help them has contributed to that.

And now, I have two students left. One could probably use any math curriculum I put in front of her, and it would all be good. The other? Let’s just say her math abilities are more like mine. As they started high school this year, I was determined to find a math curriculum that would actually work and stick with it.

And I think I’ve found it, ya’ll. I reviewed a math curriculum at the end of last school year that I knew would work for us– an online program with live classes and a real teacher.

Live online math classes for homeschool
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Mr. DMath has been a life saver for me. After reviewing it for a time, I really felt like the format of the class was going to be great for me and for my struggling student. It’s working very well. And I love the format of an online class with a live teacher. That format works very well with my struggling math student for a variety of reasons.

The live online class has a real teacher…that isn’t me.

My student who struggles with math doesn’t learn well from a video. We’ve discovered that through some of the many, many different programs that we’ve tried. But a live teacher is very different.

Dennis DiNoia, Mr. D, is teaching live. So he can pause when kids need more time on a practice problem. He asks the kids who understands or who needs more explanation before he moves on. He has the class chat set so that he can see it without the kids seeing each others’ comments. This allows kids to say privately if they need more help or more time.

It’s a huge relief for me that the girls have a teacher who actually knows what he’s talking about. Math is his thing. When I’m their live teacher, I have to spend hours looking up problems to try to remember how to do them. But Mr. D knows his stuff, and I don’t have to worry about teaching it wrong.

There are assignments that are graded by the teacher… which, again, isn’t me.

There aren’t too many negatives to homeschooling in my mind. But one that I have noticed is that I can tend to be a pushover when it comes to assignments and due dates. It’s because I’m emotionally invested in these kids. So, I’m more likely to accept any and every excuse that they have for not finishing on time.

I also struggle with grading when it comes to math because I often can’t figure out why they got the problem wrong. I can see that an answer is incorrect compared to the answer key, but, unless the answer key is very detailed, I don’t know how that answer was obtained and where the child that I’m grading went wrong.

Having a live class with a real teacher means that they are required to turn in assignments. On time. And these assignments are graded by a teacher who actually knows and understands the answers and can see where students are struggling.

There are recorded videos as well so that students can review material.

Mr. DMath also provides recorded videos that go over the material covered in class. This means that if the girls missed something during class or if they forgot how to do a specific problem, they can watch the recorded videos to remember.

These recorded videos have been a big help for my struggling math student because she also has difficulty paying attention sometimes. She works hard during the live class to not allow her mind to wander, but there are still times that she misses an explanation or doesn’t catch something that was said. With the recorded videos available, she can always watch to review anything she missed.

Live help classes are available for extra help.

In addition to the live classes, Mr. D also offers live help classes each week for every class. For the Algebra 1 class that my girls are taking, there are three opportunities for help each week. I always try to check in with the girls several times throughout the week and ask about how math assignments are coming on, reminding them what help classes are still available for the week.

Live online math classes for homeschool

If you’re struggling with math in your homeschool, consider Mr. DMath. The live online class format has worked wonders for us, and you may find that it is perfect for you as well. You can check it out here.

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