15 Great Gifts for Kids - and Adults- Who Love Card Games

I love card games. Although I’m a board game fan as well, there’s just something about card games that draws me. They are more portable than a board game, and there’s much less set up and clean up when you play.

Thankfully I have several kids who love card games as much as I do. If you have card game lovers on your gift list, check out these fifteen best gifts for kids- and adults- who love card games.

Great card game gifts

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Dutch Blitz is a fun, fast-moving card game for up to four people. It’s challenging because you are building card piles in multiple places, trying to use up your cards and call “Blitz!” first. It’s a really fun family game, but the very young ones probably can’t keep up.
I love to play Monopoly, but I don’t like how long play time usually takes. If you’re looking for the fun of Monopoly but want a quicker game, check out Monopoly Deal. You still build property sets and do your best not to go bankrupt.
This rummy-style game involves completing ten different phases. Players have to complete phases in order, not moving on until each is completed. The suggested age is 7. Younger players may need a little help understanding what to do at first, but this is one that most of the family can play.
Uno is a classic! Players play cards from their hands onto the pile matching colors or numbers, calling “Uno!” when only one card is left. The object of the game is to play all of your cards first. There are some tricky cards, however, that change the rules of play or make other players draw extra cards. This is another one that younger kids can play, making it an ideal family card game.
Skip-Bo was created by the makers of Uno. During game play, players have to build sequenced stacks by placing cards in ascending order. The first player to use up all his stockpiled cards wins. Of course there are wild cards to liven up the game. Younger players can learn strategy as they play.
Blink is a very fast-paced card game that is played with color, number, and shape. The goal is to match and get rid of your cards onto the discard pile. Players can place cards based on the number of items on the card, the shapes on the card, or the color of the items on the card. Even really young kids could get into this one, although they’ll probably need some help with the speed of the game.
This is another card game where the object is to discard all cards as quickly as possible. But if players don’t play their cards right, they might be “hit” with the deck and have many more cards added to their hand. Because of the speed and intensity, this one is recommended for ages 8 and up.
The game of Rage is also recommended for ages 8 and up. Game play consists of players predicting how many cards they can play for each round. Players then have to play cards that match the color of that round’s trump card. Rage cards liven up the play by allowing a player to affect their opponents in different ways.
This card game is a little more complicated to learn but is fun and fast-paced once you get the hang of it. Players partner up to bid and name tricks. Teams that make it to 300 first win. But beware the Rook card which can change everything!
This is a classic that even the little ones can join in on. Players attempt to match up their card sets, and no one wants to be left holding the Old Maid!
This is another classic that even the youngest kids can play. This set pits cats against dogs. Players lay out cards, and the higher value card wins. This is a good way to teach younger kids about greater than/less than number values.
This is a fast-paced, family-friendly card game recommended for ages 7 and up. Players try to be the first to discard all of their cards, but there is a twist. Three cards are held to be mystery cards. They aren’t revealed until the end of the round, so players rely on strategy and luck as they discover how the revealed cards will affect their play.
This rummy-style game is recommended for ages 8 and up. It includes unique cards with five suites- spades, clubs, hearts, diamonds, and stars. In each round there are also wild cards that affect play.
In this unique card game, the winner is the player with the fewest points at the end of the game. The game is recommended for ages 8 and up, and 2-8 players can play. Strategy is involved as players try to play the lowest numbered cards available to them.
Like the Monopoly Deal game, this game offers the fun of Clue in a more portable, quicker playing game. The game is recommended for ages 8 and up with 3-4 players, but it can be adapted for 2 players as well.

Little people often find it hard to hold a handful of cards. This Little Hands Card Holder is the answer. Kids can put as many cards as they’re holding between the two paddles in this holder. This will help them to hold and organize cards without constantly showing them to other players by accident.
Games make great gifts because they encourage time spent together playing the game. They are a gift of time, not just more “stuff.”
Great card game gifts

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