Faith, Art, and Journaling: A Review of Beautiful Art Journals from Ellie Claire

Don’t you love a beautiful journal? When you get a brand new, beautiful journal, it’s inspiring. It makes you want to write your thoughts in the blank pages. We recently received three beautiful new art journals from Ellie Claire. One of the most fun things about receiving them was dividing them up with my daughters, choosing who got to claim which beautiful journal.

If you love art, coloring, drawing and journaling, you will want to check out these three journals. They’ll make beautiful books as a treat for yourself or as gifts.

Beautiful art journals review

Disclosure: I received these journals free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own, and I was not compensated in any other way. 

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Faith & Lettering Journal

The Faith & Lettering Journal helps the user to learn different lettering styles with Scriptural quotes and various types of practice pages. There are also blank notebooking pages for journaling and blank dotted pages for lettering practice. This is a beautiful journal. From the elegant cover to the unique binding to the beautifully illustrated quotes and Scriptures throughout the book, it’s a journal that just draws you and compels you to write. There is also a convenient place on the spine to hold your pin.

My youngest daughter- who loves art- claimed this journal. We especially love that the lettering guides are fairly easy to follow. There’s a good balance of lined writing spaces and actual lettering practice and illustrated quotes. The paper quality is very good. It’s thick enough that thin markers or gel pens won’t bleed through. (We have not tried thick or permanent markers.)

The Illustrated Word: An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal

The Illustrated Word is also a beautiful journal. It has blank pages and coloring pages that contain patterns and decoration as well as Scripture verses. The idea of illuminated manuscripts can be traced back to the fifth century. Monks would draw patterns and beautiful illustrations to decorate portions of Scripture using pigments as well as silver and gold leaf. This journal follows that tradition by including coloring pages that are based on designs from an illuminated Bible.

I loved the cover of this journal as well. It has a beautifully patterned, textured hard cover and the unique cloth spine that allows the journal to lay flat that the other journals here also have. There is a good balance of coloring pages and lined writing pages. These pages are also thick enough to use thin markers and gel pens without the danger of them bleeding through. The coloring pages are detailed enough to be interesting but not super difficult. Because I love coloring, I’m planning to use this journal for my Scripture writing.

Illuminate Your Story Journal

The Illuminate Your Story Journal guides the user in learning how to draw illuminated letters. As in the process of illumination I mentioned above, monks would also use beautiful illuminated letters at the beginning of chapters or sections of Scripture to add patterns and decoration. The user of this journal can learn the art of that beautiful lettering by copying illuminated letters and learning how to design their own. There are lined writing pages and dotted letter practice pages as well as the sections that teach how to write each illuminated letter. There is a place in the spine to hold a pen as well as a pocket on the back cover to put your keepsakes.

My middle daughter claimed this journal and has been working on learning the letter illustrations. Like the other journals, this one has the beautiful textured cover and the cloth spine to lay flat. The pages are sturdy. (She’s been using gel pens to write in it.) The illuminated letters are beautiful, but not too difficult to be frustrating- at least to a teen writer. This journal has a good balance between lined writing pages, pages that teach the illuminated letters, and lettering practice pages.

These art journals are truly beautiful! When I first knew I was receiving them, I had the thought that they would make great gifts. However, the elegant designs, practical cloth spines, and unique content drew us to the journals, ensuring that they wouldn’t leave our house. These are journals that I can definitely recommend. (But if you’re purchasing for a gift, you’d better buy two of each!)

Beautiful art journals review

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