For the Mom Who Doesn't Love the Christmas Season

I have a confession, ya'll. I don't love the Christmas season. I don't have one clear reason why. I remember the season always being one of stress. I've had love ones pass away during the Christmas season. And money is always tight making ideas of decorating and gifts sometimes overwhelming.

I also don't love decorating and I'm not great at cooking, so in the past, the Christmas season often turned into a time where I was constantly feeling like I didn't measure up. The decorating has been so stressful that one year I threw away a live tree still covered in Christmas lights because I couldn't get them off. And one Christmas I literally cut the light strings off because I was so frustrated with them. (We only use pre-lit artificial trees now.)

It's sometimes difficult to admit that you don't love Christmas. People begin decorating and playing Christmas music by the end of October- or sometimes earlier. Stores are decorated and Christmas festivals are beginning in November. And in the midst of people who are loving the season, singing and baking and decorating, you begin to feel guilty that you don't love Christmas too. And this can cause another level of stress.

Mom who doesn't love Christmas

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Don't stress, Mama. Even though it seems like everyone else around you is caught up in Christmas fever, you aren't alone. Here are some things that have helped me to come to terms with my feelings about Christmas and have lessened my feelings of guilt and overwhelm.

Don't confuse the real Christmas- a celebration of Christ's birth- with the popular culture of Christmas.

Sometimes it's easy to feel guilty that you don't love Christmas. After all, Christmas is a celebration Christ's birth. It can feel sacrilegious to not love Christmas.

But remember that many of the modern trappings of Christmas have little to do with the birth of Christ. Decorating, baking, parties, Christmas crafts- all of these are things we've added to the celebration of Christmas over the years, but they don't necessarily help us to focus on and be thankful for the birth of Christ. In fact, they often distract us instead.

Create family traditions that you can look forward to.

Don't worry about Pinterest-worthy crafts and baked goods. Don't feel as if you have to do every single activity you read about or see on YouTube with your family. But create low-key, less-stressful traditions that you can look forward to.

Make sure that the traditions you choose are really things you feel comfortable with, activities that don't create extra stress. You might enjoy making gingerbread houses with the kids each year, but it might be too stressful to make homemade gingerbread and elaborate houses. Having reasonable ideas will help your family traditions to be things you actually look forward to each year.

Say "no" when you need to so that you minimize feelings of overwhelm.

There are so many opportunities to take part in during the Christmas season. There are parties. There are homeschool get togethers. There are activities with extended family members. Most of these opportunities are good in and of themselves. But when you feel pressured to say "yes" and take part in every one, you'll create a schedule that will burn you out quickly.

Make sure that you are realistic about what you say "yes" to. If you're an introvert, make sure that you're leaving plenty of downtime in your schedule. If cooking stresses you out, it's okay to say "no" to that cookie swap or the party that involves bringing a Christmas dish. Saying "no" when you need to can keep you from those feelings of frustration and overwhelm.

For the mom who doesn't love Christmas

Don't get caught in feelings of guilt this Christmas season, Mama. You aren't alone if Christmas isn't your favorite season. I hope that these ideas will encourage you and help you to enjoy the season with your family.


  1. Thank you so much for the great ideas on how to make this holiday season better for those of us who struggle to get as festive as others!

    1. You're welcome! I really struggle with this and wanted it to be an encouragement to others who do!

  2. Thank you for the advice for not getting overwhelmed during the Christmas season!

  3. This all makes perfect sense Leah, thank you so much for sharing! It's always nice to see the opposite side of the spectrum to better understand!

  4. I'd use it toward homeschool curriculum:)

  5. If I win, I’ll be using the money for Christmas gifts and Christmas dinner. Thank you for the thoughtful post, Christmas can be very overwhelming! We have 3 birthdays leading up to Christmas, and money is always super tight, this year more than ever before. Your post definitely applies to how I feel every year at this time. I will try to use your ideas to help myself this year! Thank you.

  6. If I win, there are several people I'd like to bless. If there was anything left over, I'd save it for tuition to a Christian Writers' Conference.

  7. I can’t help but love the Christmas season, but as a single mom it is a struggle to provide for my kids each year. Focusing on traditions over commercial things is what gets us through it. If I win, I’ll serve an amazing Christmas dinner with a beautiful birthday cake for my Savior. Then I will buy gifts for all my children. Thank you!


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