Great Christmas Gift Ideas For People That Love Making Things

Finding the perfect Christmas gift is always hard and if you’re stuck for ideas, the best place to start is by thinking about what they like to do as a hobby. That gives you some great ideas for what to get them as a Christmas gift. If you’re trying to buy something for somebody that is practical and likes building things, they’re not going to be that bothered about something that they can’t do anything with like new clothes. They’ll want something that gives them a new project to work on. These are some of the best gift ideas for people that like building things.

Lego Sets

Christmas gifts for people who love making things

Lego has been the number one toy for years now and it’s not just for kids either. People that like doing things with their hands will always be happy to get a great Lego set that they can get stuck into. There are some great advanced sets that are likely to keep even adults occupied for a long while. The beauty of Lego sets is that they make great ornaments after they’re built or they can be taken apart and made into all sorts of different things. There is so much choice when you’re buying Lego sets as well so you should be able to find something that they’ll love. There are some great movie sets so you might be able to find a set that allows them to recreate iconic scenes from their favourite film.


People that are handy always need tools for building stuff and they’re usually grateful for something practical. That’s why getting them some new tools is always a good bet. Power tools can be quite expensive and the cheap ones aren’t always that great so do your research before you buy anything. A nice tool belt might be a better option than buying the tools themselves because it’s a great gift that they’ll get a lot of use out of but it won’t cost you too much. You can get some great leather ones and you could even get them personalized for that extra special touch.

Make Your Own Alcohol Sets

Christmas gifts for people who love making things

Buying people some of their favourite tipple is a popular last minute gift option when you don’t know what else to get them. It’s usually well received but it isn’t the most exciting gift. But if they like making things, why not get them a kit to make their own instead? There are so many great beer making kits out there that range in difficulty. You can get a simple one that you just add water and sugar to and then leave in the bucket for a few weeks or you could get them the full kit and some ingredients so they can make it from scratch. Beer making is very popular at the moment so you shouldn’t have trouble finding some great stuff.

If they’re not really into beer and they prefer whisky or wine, you can get them an aging barrel instead. These are one of the best gifts for men that you can get right now. You can take a cheap bottle of whisky and add some extra ingredients and age it in the barrel and in a couple of weeks, you’ll have a delicious whisky that is just as good as the expensive top shelf stuff you can get.

Build Your Own Radio Set

If they like to tinker around with electronics, a build your own radio set is the perfect gift. These great sets come complete with all of the equipment and pieces you need to build a fully functional radio. There are some that are suitable for kids which are fairly simple and there are some more advanced ones for teenagers or adults. Just make sure that you’re supervising kids when they build it if you’re buying it for them.

Tie Dye Kits

Christmas gifts for people who love making things

Tie dying is a great way of turning a boring white shirt into something a lot more interesting. Hours of fun can be had mixing colours and making all sorts of crazy designs on any piece of white clothing you can find. If you know somebody that likes making their own clothes and has a bit of an artistic streak, this is the ideal gift for them. You can get some great starter kits that come with a few different colours of dye, some elastic bands for tying up the shirts and a plain white t-shirt to get them started.

The beauty of these amazing gifts is that they’ll be able to carry on using them all year around and they’ll never get bored.

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