Three Reasons Kids Need a Strong Foundation in High School Math...And How I'm Assuring That My Kids Have It

I’ve confessed many times that math is my nemesis. It’s the subject I disliked most when I was in school and the subject that I’ve struggled with as a homeschooling mom.

With my older two kids, I admit that I skimmed by. I used a variety of online sources, and the two older kids graduated with at least a passable knowledge of high school math. As they’ve gone through high school and now into college, though, I realized even more how important those years of high school math are, and I’ve been more deliberate about how I’m handling math for my younger two kids who are now in high school.

So why is high school math so important? And how can you make sure that your kids have a strong foundation in high school math?

Preparing for high school math

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High school math concepts are cyclical.

Learning the concepts in high school math isn’t a one and done situation. When kids don’t “get it” in one chapter, it’s not okay to just move on to another chapter and hope that the difficult work is out of the way. They are going to encounter that concept again and again and again.

Concepts are going to come back in more depth as kids move through high school math. If they don’t understand the concept the first time, they aren’t going to understand it when it comes back around or when they need an understanding of that concept to learn a different concept later on. It’s critical that kids understand a concept before moving on.

High school science classes often require strong math skills.

Learning math isn’t just important for math class. Many high school science classes also require kids to have a strong foundation in math. Chemical equations, physics calculations, even genetics graphs and studies of ecosystems in biology require math skills. If kids skim over some difficult math concepts and never really understand them, they’ll struggle with science as well.

Kids can often score out of at least some college math if they have a strong foundation in high school math.

I now have two high school graduates who are doing college work- one in a four-year college and one in a technical college. When both started, they had the opportunity to take math placement tests. Passing these would allow them to score out of some of the basic math classes.

My older kids both needed to start with basic math classes because they weren’t prepared very well for college math. I want to ensure that my younger kids are prepared for the placement tests when the time comes.

Building a Strong Foundation in High School With Mr.D Math

My younger girls are taking Algebra 1 with Mr.D Math. This has been an awesome choice, and I feel as if they’re really building a strong foundation.

Mr.D Math gives the kids an online math class with a real teacher. They attend a one hour class each week where they are live with a real teacher and other students. The worksheets that they need for each lesson are online, and I print them each week. Mr. D goes over each concept and works sample problems, and then the kids complete worksheets throughout the week.

Having a real teacher who really knows the material and doesn’t have to stop and figure it out- like me!- has been great. He explains concepts and makes sure that the kids are understanding in class. He offers help classes throughout the week, and kids can come live and get help when they’re struggling.

Preparing for high school math

If you’re looking to build a strong high school math foundation for your kids, Mr.D Math could be your answer. You can find all of the high school math classes you need. You can get more information about Mr.D Math in this post.

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