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I attended a Christian school growing up. I remember our science books talking about the theory of evolution very briefly. What was mentioned basically boiled down to: “Evolution is false. Six days of creation is what the Bible teaches. We believe the Bible, so evolution is wrong.”

Review of Genesis: Paradise Lost

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Do we have to choose science OR the Bible?

The books we were taught from seemed to really pit science and scientific discovery against a literal Genesis from the Bible. There was no middle ground. Either we accepted all this scientific proof OR we accepted the Bible.
I was okay with trusting blindly. I’ve been raised in a Christian family, a Christian school, and have been a Christian for much of my life. I’m okay to trust that if the Bible said it, God did it.
But as I got older, I realized that more and more scientific people thought that Christians who believed in the biblical interpretation of creation were just, well… stupid. And often this was because Christians just threw out their beliefs about biblical creation and didn’t care at all about “science.”
When I began teaching my own kids, I was so glad to find great science curricula that taught from the perspective of biblical creationism AND taught how to defend that perspective with scientific research and explanation. I was really excited to realize that this wasn’t an either/or proposition. I could teach my kids the Bible and teach them how creation scientists have researched and made discoveries that back up what the Bible says.

Genesis: Paradise Lost

I recently had the opportunity to review a great movie resource that helps to confirm this- Genesis: Paradise Lost.
This movie is produced by Creation Today and Sevenfold Films. It has beautiful animation, as well as commentary from educators, acclaimed Christian scientists and well-known speakers. It serves as education and entertainment for the whole family. There is both a 3D and 2D version and is available on DVD or Blu-Ray. 
This was an excellent video. It’s very well-done, and the animation and graphics are amazing. It’s a good contrast of animation, graphics, and commentary, so it will hold the attention of younger and older viewers. 
Although you could definitely watch the film as “entertainment”, it’s also very educational. My high school girls are studying biology this year, and this will make an excellent accompaniment to the curriculum. I love it when we can hear actual acclaimed scientists who are Christians talk about evidence for six literal days of creation and a young earth.

Review of Genesis: Paradise Lost

Find out more and get your copy. 

You can watch the movie trailer below and find out more about the film here. Teach Them Diligently- the awesome homeschool convention- is partnering to sell the movie, and you can find the movie at the Teach Them Diligently site here.

Science and the Bible don’t have to conflict. Acclaimed scientists believe in the literal account of the first chapters of Genesis. This movie is a great resource that demonstrates this in an entertaining and informative way.

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