Want a Less-Expensive Way for Your High School Student to Earn College Credits?

College is expensive! That probably doesn’t come as a shock to any of you reading this, but let me assure you that it’s true, I currently have one child enrolled in a four-year liberal arts college and one enrolled at a community college. Neither come cheap.

So, what’s a homeschool mom to do to help kids be prepared for college and even to earn credits in a less-expensive way? I previously shared one way- CLEP tests, and the preparation for them that you can find at Study.com. But Study.com has another way that kids can earn college credits as well. I was excited to have the opportunity to learn more about this resource and to share it with you!

Earn college credit with DSST exams

Disclosure: I received a free ninety-day subscription and compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

Study.com has resources that prepare students to take DSST exams. These exams can help them earn college credits and cost significantly less than college credit hours.

What are DSST Exams?

DSST formerly stood for DANTES Subject Standardized Tests. These tests have been around since 1974 and originally were created to help military students earn college credits in a non-traditional college setting. Now these tests are available to the general public. 
There are over 30 DSST exams that students can take and over 1900 institutions will count these are college credits. They are a great way for students to accelerate a degree, get college credits after being in the military, convert life experiences to college degrees, and show colleges their proficiency in a variety of subjects.

What DSST resources can you find at Study.com?

Study.com has a wealth of DSST information and resources available. You can learn more about the tests themselves, where to take tests and what scholarships might be available for DSST testing. You can also find information about what kind of credit the DSST exams may translate to.
Before you even pay for a subscription to Study.com, students can find practice tests to take so that they know what subject areas they might be prepared for and which they may need to study in more depth. There are thirty-eight DSST courses available at Study.com.
Once students have decided what courses to work on, they can develop a personalized plan that will allow them to set a time frame in which to complete the course as well as set up optional reminders for accountability. Because Study.com is an online resource, students can access their program from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. 
The courses aren’t just dry reading. The lessons are video-based with a transcript for each. Each lesson has a self-assessment so that students can check what they’ve learned. There’s a chapter test for each chapter in the course. And everything that is tested is based on what students are going to need to know for the actual DSST exam. 
Each course also has flashcards that allow students to quiz themselves on material. The pre-made flashcard sets have a concept on one side and the explanation on the other. As students go through the flashcards, they can mark them as correct or incorrect so they’ll know what to review in more detail later.

Why should you use Study.com to help your student prepare for DSST exams?

I was very impressed with this resource. Here are just a few of the many reasons homeschool moms would want to use the DSST exam preparation resources at Study.com.
~ The subscription and exam fee will be less than most college credit hour costs. Remember when I said college was expensive? This is less expensive.
~ Study.com is an online program so it’s super convenient. Students can use any computer or mobile device, so it’s easy to use on the go. This makes it much easier for them to be consistent.
~ The courses can be customized with the amount of time the student has to complete them. If your student is enrolling in college and needs to have the DSST completed by a certain time, you can set that time, and students will know how quickly to pace the course. This helps students to know exactly what they need to be working on and when. They can even set reminders if they want to.
~ The lessons have video and transcript. I’ve noticed with my own kids that some learn better through a video- listening to someone present- and some learn better by reading the material on their own. Study.com lessons present material in both ways to make sure to maximize how much students understand and retain.
~ There are many opportunities for self-assessment and tests at the end of each chapter. Your student won’t have to wonder how well he’s doing or if he’s prepared for a DSST exam. He’ll know based on the results of his assessments, and he can practice more when needed.
Earn College Credits with DSST Exams

The DSST exams are an awesome way for your high school students to earn some college credits in a less expensive way. Check out all of these DSST resources on Study.com here.

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