Effective Homeschool Typing Instruction: A Review of Typesy Homeschool Edition

I have a confession. I never really learned to type. Really. Despite this I have about a 55 wpm typing speed. But I’ve never learned the keyboard. I type more by instinct, muscle memory.

I’ve tried to change this with my own children. My children have taken a number of online classes and do the majority of their schoolwork on their computers. I want them to have a knowledge of the keyboard and the skills to type quickly and accurately so that this online work is easier for them.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to try out an awesome homeschool typing program. I’ve really enjoyed this one myself and have been practicing my own typing skills as well.

Homeschool Typing Tool- Typesy
Disclosure: We received a free subscription and compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

We received a five-year subscription to the Typesy Homeschool Edition from Typesy. With this program, we can take the typing courses to learn and practice as well as play games to increase speed and accuracy.

About Typesy Homeschool Edition: An Awesome Typing Program for Homeschoolers

Typesy is an online, subscription-based typing program. Their Homeschool Edition offers a five-year subscription for either small families (up to four users) or large families (up to ten users). Each subscription also includes accounts for two or three parent-teacher admins.

The program consists of a full typing course- 377 lessons. It also uses games to help the student increase speed and accuracy. Students can access Typesy Homeschool Edition from any device, meaning they practice and complete lessons anywhere- even on the go.

With Typesy Homeschool Edition’s admin accounts, parents can easily see student progress, add students, and print reports. Individual students can also see their own progress on their account pages.

Why You Need This Homeschool Typing Program

There are a number of things about the Typesy program that make it one of the best homeschool typing programs I’ve seen.

~ It doesn’t have cutesy graphics or animations, so it appeals to older students as well as younger ones. In our state, keyboarding is required for high school students for graduation. I’ve struggled to find a typing program that doesn’t come across to my kids as too “babyish”,and Typesy fits the bill.

~ The program uses adaptive learning. Typesy’s courses and practices adapt based on student performance. I’ve noticed that it will repeat letters and letter sequences that the student is struggling with. And even the games seem to increase or decrease in difficulty based on student progress.

~ The program is completely online based, so students can access it anywhere at anytime. We have a number of devices in our house. And it’s always possible that someone’s primary device could be misplaced or not working. But with Typesy, that student can still get typing lessons done for the day because it’s easy to access the program from a different device.

~ Students can easily see their own progress as they use the program. It’s motivating to see how far you’ve come, and how far you need to go to hit the next milestone. Typesy Homeschool Edition has a stats page that shows students several graphs- Typing Competency, Typing Speed, and Typing Accuracy. And on the home page is a dashboard that gives students their current typing speed and accuracy levels, thirty day progress, and their current level- Bronze, Silver, or Gold- and how many points they need to collect – through completing lessons- to get to the next level.

~ Students can see a “Hall of Fame” that lists the top fifty Typsey Homeschool Edition students based on points. If you have a student that thrives with competition, this is really great. Often in homeschooling, students don’t have anyone to compete against. (And competing isn’t always the best thing for sure.) But this Hall of Fame will give students a little competition to motivate them to want to increase their own points.

Homeschool Typing Tool- Typesy

Subscribe to Typesy (And Enter to Win a Subscription!)

You can learn more and pick up a subscription to Typesy Homeschool Edition here. You can also follow Typesy on social media to learn more.

YouTube (You can see some great demos of the program here!)

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