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With the availability of so many online resources for homeschooling, even young kids are now often using computers, tablets, and phones as a regular part of their school day. What’s more, kids need to know how to use these devices because they are an increasingly important part of our everyday lives.

But children- especially young children- can get easily distracted by the entertainment options on the computer. And there’s always the concern that young children may use apps or stumble upon websites that aren’t appropriate for them. So what’s a homeschool mom to do when she wants her children to use computers for school but she’s concerned about allowing them complete freedom to do so? I’ve recently been excited to have the chance to try out a solution to this problem.

Review of Mobicip
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Mobicip is a program that helps you to limit and control kids’ screen time so that kids can safely use devices for school and in other approved situations.

About Mobicip

Mobicip is a subscription program that provides apps that you can install on all of your family’s devices. The program can limit screen time by locking all screens, provide an advanced internet filter for browsing, block apps and social media that aren’t appropriate for kids, and allow you to track the location of your children and family.

After subscribing to Mobicip, you can set up your family’s profiles. When you set up each child’s device and indicate each one’s age, the program will recommend a level based on age- Monitor, Strict, Moderate, and Mature. Based on their level setting, certain app blocks and restrictions will be automatically set, but you can adjust these as desired. In addition to setting up each child, you can also add in other adults and make them administrators.

Once you’re all set up on the program, you can install the Mobicip app on each family member’s device. When installed, the app will allow or block only what is set up in the program for that family member. You can also choose the option to “Block All Screens. It’s Family Time” to block everything on each device.

At any time you can access your dashboard to see a record of each family member’s screen time usage or to change screen time limits or allowed apps. You’ll also get notifications if you choose that feature. You can also install Mobicip on your own phone or device and sign in as the administrator to be able to manage screen time from that device.

Mobicip Review

Why You Need Mobicip for Your Family

There are several things that make Mobicip an effective program and a great resource for your family.

~ The program is really easy to set up and to install on your family’s devices. I had it up and running in no time.

~ Being able to customize each family member’s allowed and not allowed apps is a great feature. I really liked this feature because there were some apps not set up to be allowed that we do allow our kids to use, and I was able to easily make those changes.

~ If you want to want to ensure that kids are using their devices only for school, this program is a great way to limit their screen time and allow them to only use certain programs. Although this isn’t as much of an issue with my kids- who are older and pretty good at controlling those distractions, this would be especially good for those with younger kids who might end up playing games instead of doing schoolwork.

~ The program contains an advanced internet filter. You can choose to allow or block social networks, video sites, specific websites, certain search terms, and detailed phrases. We use lots of literature-based, research-based learning, and I’ve always taught the kids to be careful when searching for a school project or discussion question, but it’s nice to know I can choose to filter out certain things that might surface.

~ Mobicip allows you to block specific apps and categories of apps. There are apps which are considered games that I don’t want my younger children to have access to. Because they are considered games, the kids may think that they are fine and download them. But, with this program, I can block specific apps that I know are inappropriate.

Review of Mobicip

Learn More and Subscribe to Mobicip

Now that you know how Mobicip can help you, find out more and subscribe to Mobicip here. You can also follow Mobicip on social media to learn more.


Learn more about Mobicip’s parental controls from this video:
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