Resources to Help a Non-Math Mama Handle Homeschooling High School Math

Ya’ll, I was always a straight A student throughout school- elementary, high school, and college. But I’ve always struggled with math. Always.

I made it through my own school years and even managed to handle enough math to help my high school level resource students when I taught special education classes. But when I started to think about math in our homeschool, I was definitely worried.

We made it through kindergarten. I was really good at basic adding. We made it through early elementary school. I can easily demonstrate adding and subtracting larger numbers. We made it through upper elementary school. I can do long division and work with fractions. We even made it through middle school. There were more fractions and decimals, but I could handle it. And then came high school and Algebra 1.

At this point, we had changed math curricula several times. It was my hope to find one that (1) the kids could easily understand and (2) that would prepare the kids for later math. But the curriculum we were using heading into high school algebra was hopeless for all of us. The kids didn’t understand, and there wasn’t enough information in this curriculum to help me remember enough to teach them.

And so began some long years of struggling to find resources to help this non-math mama teach high school math. This was a constant struggle with my two older kids. I’ve finally found a solution that works for my younger two. I’ll share that math curriculum at the end of this post. But I’ve also found other resources that have helped this math-deficient mama provide math instruction for her high schoolers.

Help for homeschooling high school math

Disclosure: I have received discounted curricula in exchange for this post. All opinions are always my own. 

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Online Math Help Sites

There have been several very helpful sites I found just by googling high school math help. Most of these sites aren’t really a stand-alone curriculum but give detailed explanations and some practice problem for different high school math concepts. Sometimes I have sent a student to look up the concept he or she is struggling with. But often I use these sites so that I can learn/relearn concepts and help the kids.

  • S.O.S. Mathematics has help on topics ranging from Algebra to Trigonometry. You can choose a topic in any category and see detailed explanations for how to work problems. They also have some practice problems with detailed answer keys that you can use to try out your understanding.
  • actually has some basic math help as well as help in high school math subjects. When you choose a category and topic, you’ll get a quick overview, in-depth explanations, detailed practice problems solved, and some problems you can work and see answers to. It also has math and logic games and a variety of calculators on the site.
  • WebMath is a site that can literally solve all your math problems. You know those tricky problems in your curriculum that you just can’t come up with an answer for? You can choose a category, plug that problem into WebMath and get a correct answer and detailed explanation.

Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy is a pretty well-known free, online education site. Their math section covers early math all the way through AP classes in Calculus and Statistics. I’ve known homeschool families that used it as the primary math curriculum. I haven’t liked it as a primary curriculum for high school, but I have used it as a secondary resource.
The great thing about Kahn is that we can look up a math subject we need help with and likely be quick to find videos explaining the concept and working sample problems. It can be that added piece of the puzzle when what we’re reading in the workbook just doesn’t make sense. 

Live Online Math Classes

What works better than me- who is struggling with math- trying to teach my high school kids- who are also struggling with math? How about having a real, live teacher who actually knows the subject?! Better yet, how about having that real live teacher along with the convenience of still doing math at home, nice and comfy?
That’s what we’ve found this year with Mr.D Math. I’ve posted before about what a lifesaver Mr.D Math has been for us.
Mr.D is a real live teacher- Dennis DeNoia. He knows math, and he knows how to communicate math concepts to students. Through Mr.D Math, my high school girls- taking Algebra1- get a live class once a week, the opportunity to practice problems and ask questions in class, PDF worksheets to complete, recorded videos so that they can rewatch the classes as needed, short videos that review specific concepts, online tests, grades from a “real teacher”, not mom, and several weekly help classes that they can attend if needed.
I cannot say often enough how much stress that having my girls take this online math class has removed from my life. I feel like math is an area where I didn’t do a great job for my two already graduated students. And I’m determined to cover this subject better for the two younger girls. Mr.D is really helping.

Help for homeschooling high school math

Do you need help with high school math? You can do this, mama, even if you’re not a “math person.” Try one of these helps. And check out Mr.D Math to see if it’s a good fit for your family and the answer to your math struggles.

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