Teaching Apologetics in Your Homeschool? Check Out This Review of a Great Creation Science Resource About the Genesis Flood

Do you teach apologetics in your homeschool?

When I was growing up in a Christian home and Christian school, I wasn’t often given a “why.” This was what we believed, what was right. But there usually wasn’t a reason or defense given. Not until I was in college did I really begin learning more and more about defending what I believed.

When I began teaching creation science to my own kids, I wanted them to be able to understand the “why” and to give an explanation of and defense of their belief. So I teach apologetics. And I look for science curricula and other resources that will help my kids to gain this understanding and ability to defend.

Recently we received an awesome, beautiful new apologetics resource to review, and I’m loving it. If you are teaching creation science and apologetics to your kids, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Creation science resource

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We received the book Do You See What I See? High Altitude Evidence of the Worldwide Flood by Chuck Renstrom. It’s a hardback, beautifully illustrated explanation of evidence to support the Genesis flood.

About Do You See What I See? High Altitude Evidence of the Worldwide Flood

The author of this book is Chuck Renstrom. He’s a photographer who began to take pictures throughout Colorado. This led him to an interest in learning more about geology and forces that shape our world, so he dove into research to learn more about what he was finding. In his research, he realized that evolutionary theories don’t really do a very good job explaining what he was seeing in nature. So he went to several creation ministries and began learning from them.

During Chuck Renstrom’s research project- which took him over four years- he took some beautiful photographs from places all over Colorado, and he learned how the worldwide flood recorded in Genesis produced the geological formations and fossils he was studying. His research developed into this awesome book.

In the beginning of Do You See What I See? High Altitude Evidence of the Worldwide Flood, readers find some information about Chuck and his project, as well as a brief overview of creation and the flood account from Genesis. What follows is page after page of beautiful photography with short captions explaining how these photos illustrate and provide evidence of a worldwide flood.

Why You Need This Book on Your Creation Science Bookshelf

~ The photos are beautiful and awesome and amazing. Really I can’t think of better words to describe them. This is truly a beautiful book- what I call a “coffee table book” because it’s one you would love to lay out for people to peruse rather than stuff it into an already overloaded bookshelf where it may not be seen.

~ The text and pictures captivated me as an adult but are also totally relatable to much younger children if read aloud, and young children would certainly be drawn to the pictures. This makes this book one you can truly use with your whole family- for science, for a read aloud, or for a family time Bible study.

~ These photos are all taken in Colorado and are recently taken. (The book was published in 2018.) This means that U.S. residents like me can possibly go to some of these actual sites and see these things. Some, Chuck says, were taken on private property, and he doesn’t list actual addresses. But there are also some from public places. So after your family reads the book, you can take a family vacation and see them in person!

~ Chuck uses a variety of color and black and white photography to highlight areas he’s pointing out in the photos. This means that people like me who don’t really know much about geology and can’t always see the features he’s describing can get a better view.

Creation science resource

Get a Copy for Your Homeschool

You can learn more about Chuck Renstrom at his website here. There’s also a podcast interview featured at the site. When you’re ready to add this book to your homeschool resources, you can pick up a signed copy here or buy on Amazon here.

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