Five Reasons Why Digital Homeschooling Resources Are Awesome

Once upon a time there were no computers. Homeschoolers had to struggle to find teaching resources because most curricula was published with schools in mind. If you needed one type of math practice worksheet, you had to find a store that sold teachers workbooks and buy a whole book so that your child could practice one math concept, using just a few sheets from the entire book.

If you wanted to study a particular book, you gathered resources and created your own materials to study that book. If you wanted your kids to do copywork, you wrote down what you wanted them to copy on a piece of paper. If you needed a particular map, you hunted through print copies of atlas after atlas. And if you needed a blank map, you either had to find another workbook to purchase or try to photocopy the map from the atlas and white out the labels.

We homeschoolers have it so easy now! I’m thankful that even when I started this whole homeschooling gig over fifteen years ago now, the internet was there for me. There were many things I could find online if I searched long enough. The world of digital printables and ebooks was growing fast.

Now, the internet is more of a wealth of information than ever. There are many, many digital homeschooling resources available, many of them for free or for very reasonable prices. No longer do homeschooling mamas have to buy an entire workbook for math sheets on one topic. No longer do you have to search the library and scramble to find resources to study a book you’re reading. The resources are there, digitally, at your fingertips.

I know there are pros and cons of using digital homeschooling resources. I’ve looked at the question of whether or not you can really homeschool for free with digital resources- and if it’s a good idea. And I know that printing costs can make using digital resources pricey. I also know how many times I’ve downloaded digital resources only to have them lost in the depths of my computer. But I still think digital homeschooling resources are awesome! And I find myself looking for, downloading, and using these very often.

Digital homeschooling resources

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So why are digital homeschooling resources so amazing? Here are five reasons. I’m sure there are many others. But these are reasons that I find digital resources so useful.

Digital homeschooling resources are easy to find, and you can look for them from the comfort of home.

I don’t physically like to shop, ya’ll. I just don’t. Getting dressed in real clothes, driving, stopping at multiple stores to try to find the right things- I just don’t like it. (Can you tell I’m a major introvert?!) But online shopping? That’s another thing. When I’m shopping online, I can sit in my comfortable chair, dressed in lounge pants and tshirt and look and look to my heart’s content- without every having to physically drive somewhere and without unnecessary conversations.

This is especially true when it comes to looking for homeschooling resources. When we get ready to start a new book study or we’re struggling with a new math concept, I can simply google it and pull up tons of relevant digital resources. This is so much easier than having to physically shop for the right book that might have the one resource I really need.

You can access digital homeschooling resources right away, as soon as you purchase them.

Okay. It’s confession time. Try as I might, I cannot seem to help being a last minute person. You know what I mean. I know you do.

It’s Monday morning, and you’re all ready to start a new week of homeschooling. You think you’ve checked over the lesson plans and that you are prepared. But then a child comes along. “Hey, Mom. I start reading this new book this week. Do you have a study guide I’m supposed to fill out for that?” Ummm.

Or we’re reading along in history when we come to an event that really interests us. We start discussing it and asking questions and then realize that our history book only has this one chapter about it. Nooo! We want to learn more. So we need a last minute unit study.

With digital homeschooling resources, it’s okay to be a last minute person. You can pull up five different study guides for that book your child is reading, choose the one you want, and print it out then and there. Day saved. Or you can google and find a unit study on that history topic you want to know more about, print it out, and get started.

When you use digital homeschooling resources, you can print only what you need.

I love that, with digital resources, I can just print what I need. There have been a number of times that I downloaded a digital workbook and didn’t really need all of the book once I looked at it. No problem. With digital resources I can print out only what I need.

This is particularly nice when I use digital unit studies. Some of the material can easily be read without printing out all of the pages. So I only print what the kids actually need to write on, only the consumable pages.

Worried about the costs of printing? Check with your local office supply store. When I need more than a few pages printed at a time, I send the file to them, and it’s cheaper than paying for printer ink.

Digital homeschooling resources are often free or inexpensive compared to printed materials.

Have you seen how many free printables there are floating around online?! Whatever you might need, search for it, and you will likely find a free printable. Do you need copywork pages with poetry? Math practice sheets for long division? Grammar practice sheets? Someone somewhere has likely created it and is either giving it away for free or selling it inexpensively online. I have a page here on the blog with all kinds of free homeschool resource and many are digital resources that you can either use online or print.

Even if you can’t find free printables, you can often find digital resources that are much more inexpensive than printed, hard-copy curricula. I love to use sites like CurrClick to find all kinds of resources that cost much less than printed curricula that I would buy.

With digital homeschooling resources, you can purchase an item once and use it over and over again.

I have four children. There have been many times when I needed to use a resource multiple times- either because we were all learning together or because I was reusing a resource with a younger child later on. With consumable, hard-copy curricula, I would have to purchase the same curriculum over again or not allow a child to write in the book.

With digital curricula, I can easily reuse materials with multiple children. This is definitely more cost effective than purchasing curricula over and over. Just a note: Almost all of the digital curricula I’ve ever purchased allows this. But always read the copyright information in the front of the resource to make sure it’s not prohibited for some reason.

Digital homeschooling resources

Digital homeschooling resources are awesome! They’re cost effective and easy to use, and you can usually find what you need online with a simple search.

Where’s your favorite place to find digital curricula?

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