Young Adult Fiction With an Important Message: A Review of Other Bodies

Abortion is a hot topic right now. Actually abortion is always a hot topic. And there are so many facets to the discussion- the loss of the life of a child as well as the effect that loss has on the mother. It’s a topic that is vital to discuss with our kids- especially our young adults.

Sometimes, though, I think that our kids feel “preached at” when the topic of abortion comes up. This book can change that. The book is fictional, but it addresses the topic of abortion in a way that I think is relatable to young adults.

Review Other Bodies

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About Other Bodies

Other Bodies by Joel Ohman is dystopian fiction set in futuristic Philadelphia. Hattie is a sixteen year old in this world where virtual reality and artificial intelligence are regular parts of society. As the book opens, she’s beginning a new job at Managed Motherhood, a business that helps solve the “problem” of an unwanted pregnancy.

Soon Hattie is faced with a difficult choice. And even though the idea that there is no separation between the body of the mother and the new life inside her, she comes to realize that these are really babies. They are “other bodies.”

From the book’s description…

For fans of The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and Divergent comes a YA dystopian/light romance with a strong female protagonist who is forced to question everything…
In a world where immersive VR suits distort what is real from what is not, and the AI Personhood Act blurs the lines between body and bot, the choices sixteen-year-old Hattie Martins faces are very personal.
Welcome to Hattie Martins’ dystopian Philadelphia, where everything is not as it seems…
Just as her life is looking up–a new job, new friends, a new date–Hattie discovers not all progress in her beloved, futuristic Philadelphia is for the best. Societal regrets can become personal regrets in an instant. Choices don’t always come with second chances, and when they do the cost can be unimaginable. How far will she go to undo her greatest regret? And worse yet, what will she become if it’s too late?

In a world where bots are equal to bodies, what does it mean to be alive?

What is real?

Which bodies matter?

What about the other bodies?…

In this blistering new young adult novel from the #1 bestselling author of the Meritropolis series, readers will question everything they know about life and reality in a unique dystopian adventure that is equal parts moral dilemma and romance.
If you enjoy Veronica Roth, James Dashner, or Suzanne Collins then this is the story of the year you won’t want to miss. BUY NOW.

My Thoughts

I was, of course, reading the book, not as a young adult, but I definitely think it’s a book that will be impactful for young adults. It’s a book that will help them to consider the topic of abortion from a new perspective.

The book does address the topics of euthanasia and abortion as well as teen sexuality and pregnancy. There are no curse words and no descriptive references of sex.

Review of Other Bodies

Get a Copy of Other Bodies

Want to learn more and pick up a copy of the book? You can read a note from the author here. (By the way, his note is what really made me want to review this book!)You can also get an understanding of why a fiction story can give readers a new perspective on abortion. And you can read about the author- Joel Ohman- and his other books here.

Pick up your copy of the book on Amazon here.

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