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Years ago, as a young homeschooling mama, I went to a homeschool convention workshop with a friend who was very interested in this writing program from some company called IEW.

I had heard of IEW. After all, I had been doing the homeschool thing for six years or so at that point. And many homeschool moms that I knew were extolling the virtues of this writing curriculum company. I went to the workshop, not because I was looking for a new writing curriculum, but just to be with my friend. As a former teacher with a master’s degree in English and a love for all things language arts, this was an area I felt pretty confident in.

As I listened to the mom presenting, though, and saw her demonstrating the IEW method, I was impressed. In many ways, the program’s method of teaching writing was the way I thought about teaching writing. I was really surprised to see that I used many of the techniques that were a part of the IEW method.

I didn’t buy the program that day. It wasn’t in our homeschooling budget. But when my son- my second child- was a ninth grader, I finally had the opportunity to give the IEW writing program a try as a curriculum reviewer.

This child had always struggled to write. He’s the one that, given a blank page and a writing prompt, would have a meltdown and no idea what to write. So I jumped at the chance to try the writing program I had heard so many good things about with him.

IEW writing resources

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links that will benefit the blog, and I received free resources in exchange for posting. All opinions are always my own.

And it was a good fit! We started the program, and he began to be able to actually put words to paper. After about a year and half of having used IEW, he took a creative writing class and turned out to be an awesome and create writer. Woohoo!

Over the years we’ve added other products from IEW to our homeschooling resources. Here are a few we’ve used an loved. I’m sharing a brief bit about each as well as a review post if I have one. There’s a great giveaway at the end so keep reading!

Homeschool Writing Resources

Teaching Writing Structure and Style

This is IEW’s “big” course, the one they are known for. And this course isn’t for your kids. It’s for you. This is the course that helps you to understand the IEW method of teaching writing.

When you learn this method of teaching,  you can use this approach within the context of your homeschooling without any additional products from IEW. If you want more resources that are already set up for you, they have those. But, after learning the method with Teaching Writing Structure and Style, you can use it over and over with all of your kids, seamlessly integrated into the resources you’re already using with your kids. I’ve reviewed this course here.

Student Writing Intensive

If you’ve watched Teaching Writing Structure and Style and don’t feel like you can really teach this method by yourself or you have multiple kids of all ages and ability, so it’s very difficult to use this method with them, you can purchase the Student Writing Intensive courses. These have DVDs with lessons taught by Dr. Andrew Pudewa. They also have all of the checklists and source texts you need. Your student can progress through this at his own speed, although there is a suggested schedule.

We used this course when my youngest three kids started using IEW. I had received the B level of this course with the review that I did. It was super convenient having everything laid out and ready for me. I reviewed the student writing intensive here.

Other Homeschool Language Arts Resources

Portable Walls

There are many little tips and tricks that kids learn along the way with the IEW writing method. Ideally, if you were teaching in a classroom, you could make posters of these and hang them on your walls as they were introduced to the kids. But if you, like me, have limited wall space, this resource is pretty awesome. The Portable Walls are a file folder type fold-out that contains all of the dress-ups, banned word lists, -ly adverbs, and more. It’s a very convenient thing for kids to keep with their writing notebooks to pull out and use when needed. We used the Portable Walls as part of this review.

A Word Write Now

As part of the IEW method, kids will learn some “banned words.” These are simple words, such as, “said,” that could really be much more specific and descriptive. To help kids find better words, you can use A Word Write Now. It’s basically an easy-to-use, kids-friendly thesaurus. Again, it’s a great resource for kids to keep with them when they write. We used A Word Write Now as part of this review.

Timeline of Classics

IEW doesn’t just have writing resources. They have other language arts resources as well. One of my favorites is the Timeline of Classics. If you love literature-based homeschooling, this is an awesome resource. It’s a great list of living books arranged by time period. When you’re learning about a particular historical period, you can use this to help you pick out some great books to go along with that period. I reviewed it here.

History-Based Writing Lessons

If you teach through the history cycle and have learned the IEW writing method, the history-based writing lessons are a great way to implement it. These lessons are available for ancient history, medieval history, and US and Canadian history. I reviewed the medieval writing lessons here. It was fun to use when we were studying medieval history.

Following Narnia

Besides the history-themed writing lessons, there are a few other themed topic writing curricula available. The Following Narnia set is one of these. There are two volumes in this themed set. The first volume has writing lessons that are based on the first three books in Chronicles of Narnia. The second volume covers the last four. This writing curricula is intended for middle school, and I used volume one as the literature and writing program for my son one year, although I didn’t review it.

Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization

One of the ideas behind the IEW writing method is that hearing and reading well-written stories will help to develop the student’s own language and vocabulary, making him a better writer and speaker. That idea is the basis of the Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization curriculum.

This resource is for all ages. It includes ninety-six poems and speeches that students will memorize. All ages can use it because it starts with very simple, short poems and builds as it goes along. We did use it briefly, and I reviewed it here. But we didn’t keep up with it as well as we should have. I think this would be especially effective if you begin with younger students.

Fix-It Grammar

Have you ever had kids who could get every one of the practice sentences correct on a grammar test but who couldn’t actually use correct grammar in writing. I have! That’s why I like Fix-It Grammar

This grammar program has sentences that kids edit. Each week there are certain grammar and mechanics concepts covered. Kids are taught the new concepts and have grammar cards with these concepts that they cut out and keep to help them throughout the curriculum. Daily, they edit one sentence or phrase. At the end of the week, they copy the corrected sentences into a notebook. By the end of the course, they have a whole story copied neatly and correctly- with correct grammar and punctuation. There are several levels. If you aren’t sure where to start, there is a placement test. We reviewed Fix-It Grammar here.

IEW writing resources

These are some of my favorite IEW resources, and I’m really glad we’ve had the opportunity to use them… and I plan to continue using them.

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