My Backyard Habitat: FREE Unit Study and Printable Pack

As we head deeper into spring and look forward to summer here. it’s fun to start thinking of unit studies that will involve getting outside and exploring nature. Whether you take a full break over the summer or decide to continue some homeschooling, unit studies are a fun way to keep learning.

In this unit study, kindergarten and early elementary-aged kids can learn about habitats and explore their backyard habitat. You can find a link to print out a PDF copy of the unit study activities as well as printables to use with the study.

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What is a habitat?

Read this page from Science Trek to learn what a habitat is.

Watch this song video to get an idea of four common animals and their habitats.
Learn more about how different animals fit in different habitats by playing this game from The Magic Schoolbus.

Find out more about habitats and explore different habitats at National Geographic Kids.

Learn more about different habitats and the animals who live there.

Use this link to look at twelve main types of habitats. Explore each to see what kinds of animals you can find in each different habitat.

Use the My Animal Report sheet (in the printable pack) to study one animal you pick. Look especially at the kind of habitat the animal lives in. Would that animal live near you?

Choose one of the ten habitats listed above and create a diorama. You can find out how to create a diorama here.

Make your own sensory bottles to illustrate various habitats. (These are done for a toddler and preschooler, but older kids could make their own or help you make them.)

Create construction paper habitats and let kids put play animals in them.

What kind of habitat can I find in my backyard?

Make a miniature ecosystem to observe critters you find in your yard.

Create an earthworm habitat to observe.

Draw birds to your backyard to observe by providing free nesting materials.

Check this site to find five common backyard birds in the US and see if you can spot any in your own yard.

Make bug hotels to draw bugs to your yard for observation.

Use some of the ideas found here to create natural habitats in your yard.

Use the observation pages (found in the printable pack) to record information about the kind of habitat you can find in your backyard.


Backyard (One Small Square series)- All of this series would be great for covering various habitats.

More Fun Stuff

The PBS Kids Wild Kratts site has some fun games and videos about animals and their habitats.

123 Homeschool 4 Me has an awesome free printable Habitat Adventure Game that teaches kids eight major biomes of the world and some of the animals that live there.

Design the right habitat for the right animal with this interactive site.

If you have family members who want to go all out, use this plan to develop your full yard into natural habitat areas.

Finish up your study on habitats with a trip to the zoo. Use the scavenger hunt sheet (found in the printable pack) to look for different habitats and the animals who live there.

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