Three Reasons Why Online Classes Are a Homeschooling Mom's Best Friend... And an Online Classes Resource You'll Love

Homeschooling isn’t always easy, ya’ll. If you’ve homeschooled for any length of time you know that. It has many benefits, and it’s definitely worth the work. But it isn’t easy.

So homeschool moms are always looking for resources that can help, resources that can make this homeschooling gig flow a little more smoothly, be a little more effective, cause a little less overwhelm. One of those resources is live, online classes.

In a live, online class students show up at a set time and enter a “classroom” online where there is a real teacher and other students who are all interacting. The teacher can call on students just like a teacher in a traditional classroom. Kids can ask questions- either through a mic or through a typed chat. Students are responsible for turning in required work. And schoolwork has a definite date due and will be assigned a grade.

Live online homeschool classes
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There are many reasons why online classes are a homeschool moms best friend. I’ve found that these classes are especially helpful in the middle and high school years. And I was super excited to have the opportunity to sit in on and review a class from a new-to-me online classes resource- Big River Academy. 

Here are three – of many- reasons why online classes are awesome, along with a look at Big River Academy, why I loved the class I observed, and why this resource could turn into one you love as well.

Online classes are a lifesaver for moms with multiple kids.

If you homeschool more than one child there will likely come a time when you’ll just feel overwhelmed and wonder how on earth you’re going to manage teaching all these people at once. Even though I have always tried to use materials that let us all learn together in as many subjects as possible, sometimes this just isn’t feasible.

Enter online classes. When you need to divide kids up, but you can’t be in two- or more- places at once, online classes are a lifesaver. Kids can be taking classes in different subjects, different levels, using different materials. But you’re just a manager and not the one that has to teach the material to each separate child.

Live online classes give kids the opportunity to interact with a teacher and other students in a classroom setting…from the comfort of home.

I am not of the opinion that every student needs to go to college. For some students, high school isn’t the stepping stone to head off to higher education. But if you have a student who is college-bound or who is still deciding about life after schooling, giving kids the opportunity to be in a class with a real teacher and other students can help them to understand a little bit about how that works before they head off to college classes.

Kids will get the opportunity to ask and answer questions in class. They’ll be required to do assignments that actually have due dates. They’ll learn to budget their time to get the work done. But they get to do all of this from the comfort of home. It’s a great gradual exposure to “real classes” for students who may be more hesitant to interact.

Online classes provide opportunities for the kids to learn a subject from a teacher who is very proficient in that subject area.

Perhaps my favorite reason for using online homeschool classes is to give my kids the opportunity to learn from a teacher who is proficient in the subject. Because the fact is that I’m just not an expert in everything.

There are some subjects that I feel really comfortable teaching- or at least learning along with my child. But some subjects are just difficult for me. And using online classes gives kids the chance to learn from a teacher who knows the subject well.

Live online homeschool classes

Why You’ll Love Big River Academy Online Classes

About Big River Academy

Big River Academy offers homeschooled students synchronous learning opportunities, learning in real time with a teacher in a live, online class. Each of their classes meets once a week for ninety minutes. Students then have assignments that they complete throughout the week before the next class.

Classes are either one semester or full-year classes. There is a great selection of classes– including some that students in a traditional school wouldn’t have the opportunity to take! Most of the classes are high school level classes, but there are a few that are appropriate for middle school. On their class offerings page, you can find a chart with some suggested grade levels for the various class offerings. But parents have the freedom to assess their own child’s readiness for a class.

Want to know what an actual class really looks like to see if it’s a good fit for your child? There’s a selection of videos here to allow you to see sample classes in a variety of subjects.

Our Experience With Big River Academy

I wanted to watch a Spanish class for my review because I’m looking for options for my 9th grader to take Spanish next year. That’s the language she would prefer to take. I took two years of Spanish in high school and know just enough to say, “No hablo Espanol!” So we need a better option. This child is young for her grade also and isn’t quite ready to take a class outside the home. So online classes would be great for her.

I watched a Spanish 1 class and was super impressed. The teacher seemed to genuinely care about her class. She prayed for them. She asked questions and encouraged answers. Class members interacted through chat and over the mic, demonstrating what they had been learning.

So…why will you love Big River Academy?

~ There is an awesome selection of courses. I knew I wanted to watch a Spanish class because that’s the subject I was looking for, but I was very tempted by other classes like Criminological Crime Scene Investigation. They offer unusual classes like this as well as the basics kids need. There’s lots of variety, like four different foreign languages!

~ Classes are taught from a Christian worldview. Although we do use materials that aren’t necessarily “Christian” I do love it when the homeschool resources we use weave the Christian worldview into the fabric of academic learning. The Spanish teacher I watched prayed for the class. She asked the class for prayer requests and genuinely cared about them. They learned Scripture in Spanish. If you’re looking for materials from a Christian worldview, you’ll love this!

~ The academy accommodates special needs. As a former special education teacher and mom of an ADHD child, I really appreciate this. There is a whole page on their website talking about how they make accommodations for learning differences and struggles.

How to Sign Up

Want to learn more? You can read about how the classes work here and watch some sample classes here. Ready to check out the class offerings and sign up for the fall? You can check out the classes available here. You can use the code BLOG100 to receive 10% off of your purchase when you sign up.

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