Homeschool Myth Busted: I Can't Homeschool High School Because I Could Never Teach High School Math!

One of the common reasons that people give for not homeschooling in high school is, “I could never teach high school math.” And, believe me, I can empathize with that concern. You’re talking to a homeschool mom who worried about this very thing.

But high school math is nothing that should prevent you from homeschooling high school if that’s where you feel God is leading you. Thanks to the internet, there are so many great options that can help a non-math mama handle high school math in her homeschooling.

Homeschooling high school math

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So…what are some resources that should relieve your worries about homeschooling high school math?

Online Help Sites

There are a number of sites online that have math resources for high school. From full lessons, to tutorials, to games, to printable worksheets for practice, you can find a plethora of resources to help even the least math literate mamas. This post has a list of some of these.


Who says you have to actually teach high school math yourself? Because homeschooling is steadily growing and becoming a more popular educational option, homeschoolers now often have local resources for classes. Find a co-op near you that offers classes for high school. Enroll your child in dual enrollment at a local college. Trade expertise with another homeschool mom who enjoys and is good at math.

Online Math Classes

This is the way I’ve chosen to solve the I-can’t-teach-high-school-math problem. Live, online math classes allow kids to learn from an actual teacher who is an expert at the subject. They provide opportunities for one-on-one help. And they allow me to step back and have someone else who is far more qualified than me to handle teaching my kids math.

Mr.D Math Classes

My high school aged girls have been taking Algebra 1 with Mr.D Math this year. It’s been a tremendous help to me as well as a good learning resource for them. And it’s definitely solved the problem of my inability and lack of desire to tackle homeschooling high school math.

There are a number of reasons that this online class resource has been the answer to my problem.

~ The kids have a live teacher. Their teacher is Dennis DiNoia, the founder of the program. There are several other teachers who teach some of the classes as well. Although there is the less-expensive option to take recorded classes with Mr.D Math, I feel like the girls have really benefited in a live class with a teacher who can ask and answer questions in real time.

~ Registration for the class includes all of the actual curriculum- worksheets and tests- that the girls use. There was no need to purchase any kind of book to go along with the class.

~ Help can be obtained in many different ways when kids are registered for the live classes. They can ask questions in class. They can rewatch the class because the classes are recorded. They can watch short videos that demonstrate a math process if they can’t remember how to do a particular type of problem. They can email for help. They can attend live help classes.; there are three offered each week. This prevents me from having to figure out how to do something when they come up with questions as they are doing their work for the week.

Mr.D Math has been a real life-saver for me and has definitely made homeschooling high school math much easier for me!

Homeschooling high school math

If you’re afraid of high school math, Mama, don’t let that fear prevent you from homeschooling or from homeschooling into the high school years. There is help available. And math doesn’t have to drive you- or kids- crazy.

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