3 Super Simple Steps to Creating An Amazing World History Timeline with This Resource from Home School in the Woods

I love timelines, ya’ll. I really, really love timelines. My kids would probably say I’m a little fanatical about them. 

Over the years I’ve created and used timelines in our homeschool in a variety of ways. We’ve made a timeline down the hallway and on a large open wall in our schoolroom. I’ve used books with already created timelines.

But there’s one timeline resource that I’ve always wanted but never decided to purchase. When I found out recently that I had the opportunity to receive and review it, I was, quite literally, ecstatic.

Review of world history timeline bundle
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The World History Timeline I Always Wanted

We received the Timeline Trio resource from Home School in the Woods. This amazing resource includes a CD containing timeline figures, a placement guide, and a beautiful hard cover book with removable pages labeled with time periods where you can attach, create, and enjoy your complete world history timeline.
Using the Timeline Trio, it’s simple to create an amazing world history timeline that you and your kids can look back on again and again. Even if you aren’t a crafty, hands-on homeschool mom, this resource makes it so easy to create an awesome timeline.

History timelines are an excellent accompaniment to any history curriculum.

Timeline are an awesome teaching tool because they give students an overview of history, helping them to see where a particular person or event that they are studying fits in the grand scheme of things. Timelines appeal to students with a variety of learning styles. Kids who like to be hands-on can learn from actually creating the timeline, and kids who are visual learners can see history as a huge connected story.

Here’s a closer look at the Timeline Trio and the super simple way you can use it to create your own world history timeline.

Home School in the Woods: History Projects, History Timelines, and Other Hands On History Resources

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to use a number of resources from Home School in the Woods. I love their resources because they provide a multisensory way for kids to learn history. Using their resources you can put together a great hands on American history or world history course for your kids.
Their timeline figures are amazingly detailed drawings that can be used with or without accompanying text. The figures can be used in many ways. As I mentioned above, we’ve created both a hallway timeline and wall timeline in our years of homeschooling. And I used the timeline figures from Home School in the Woods for both of these. 
But the beautiful book- History Through the Ages: Record of Time- that comes with the Timeline Trio set is definitely the most elegant and one you’ll keep and refer to over and over again. The book is what I call a “coffee table book” because it’s so appealing that you’ll want to sit it on the coffee table for visitors to see.

Review of world history timeline bundle

Review of world history timeline bundle

Although the completed project is one that is so awesome, creating a world history timeline in the hardback History Through the Ages notebook is super simple.

Choose the figures that complement your U.S. history or world history curriculum.

The CD that comes with the Timeline Trio package includes a variety of timeline figures. You can choose smaller figures for placing in the hard back book or for creating a smaller timeline somewhere else. You can choose large pictures suitable for a wall timeline or even for coloring pages for your younger kids. 
You can also decide whether to choose the pictures that are labeled with text or those that are not. The History Through the Ages book has lined pages. So you could choose to have kids write their own descriptions of each figure. Or you can print the figures that already have text included. I love that there are so many options! 
Each page of figures is a separate file. If you only need figures for a certain time period, it’s easy to find the file that has just what you need. Maybe you’re studying Creation through the Renaissance. You can find the pages for just that time period and print only those figures. Because I’m creating the whole timeline now, I went ahead and downloaded all of the small figures with text to my computer and then sent them to our local office supply store to be printed.

Review of world history timeline bundle

Place and attach the figures on your history timeline.

The loose pages in the History Through the Ages book are labeled with dates. The beginning pages- beginning with Creation- have a pretty broad timespan. As the time edges toward more known history, the dates on the pages get a little closer. As I mentioned above, there are lines on the pages that will allow you to write if you choose not to print the timeline figures with text. There is also plenty of room on each page, so it’s easy to attach multiple figures that fall close to the same time period.
We chose to cut out our figures one page at a time and lay them out on the pages to place them before finally glueing them down. This allowed us to space the figures out more easily. The placement guide that is included in the Timeline Trio pack will help you with placement as well.

Review of world history timeline bundle

Use your history timeline as you teach to give students a look at how the events and people they are learning about fit into world history.

Once you’ve created your timeline, you have a teaching tool that you can use again and again. The History Through the Ages timeline book can become a reference book in your homeschool, and you can use it as you study any time period. 
Even after you’ve completed the book, attaching figures as you work through each historical time period, you can use the book to find people, places, and events that you read about and learn about throughout your homeschooling years.

Review of world history timeline bundle

Where can you get this awesome history timeline resource?

You can pick up your Timeline Trio bundle at the Home School in the Woods site. You can grab their freebie while you’re there. It’s a free mini unit study about famous authors.
Make sure that you enter the giveaway from Home School in the Woods as well. It’s pretty amazing, ya’ll. One winner will receive The ENTIRE COLLECTION of both Project Passport (5) and Time Traveler (7) products—$311.90 VALUE! The winner can be anywhere in the world because this is a digital product. Woohoo!

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