One Critical Skill Homeschooled High Schoolers Need to Prepare for College...And a Simple Way to Teach It

Deciding to homeschool through high school can be a scary choice. The number of homeschoolers we hung out with when all my kids were little? There were sooo many. But as my kids- and their friends- approached high school there were fewer and fewer homeschoolers to hang out with because many of them went on to traditional schools.

Homeschool writing curriculum for high school
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Homeschooling high school can be scary.

I know planning for high school can be scary- especially if your child is planning to go to college. You worry that you won’t make sure your child has the right classes to get into college. You worry about how to teach the more difficult subjects. You worry about electives and how to find them. You worry about AP classes and duel enrollment and honors classes. You worry about transcripts. I know. 
By the time I’m writing this post. All four of my kids have gone through high school or are in high school now. And when we first approached the high school years I was definitely concerned about “doing it right.” 
I’ve now had the opportunity to see my oldest kids head into life after high school- one in a four-year university and one in a technical school. And both of them have told me of one critical skill that they have been so glad to have and that has tremendously helped them to succeed in college.
Homeschool writing curriculum

The one critical skill that my homeschooled high schoolers have excelled in is the ability to write well.

Both my daughter, in a four-year university, and my son, in a smaller technical college, have excelled in many of their classes because they are good writers. Writing in college isn’t just necessary in language arts classes. In their college classes they have had to record research, analyze readings by writing, write persuasive opinion papers, compare various ideas. And all of these start with good writing skills.

Sure, there are some basic writing classes in college. These are designed to teach students the skills they need to write in all of their future classes. But many of the students in these basic classes are frustrated because they haven’t learned good writing skills in high school, and the professors assume they are coming in with some basics. It’s important that your kids are prepared and can go into these beginning writing classes armed with the skills they need to really learn and practice the academic writing that they’ll use in all of their future classes.

What, exactly, do kids need to know to succeed in writing assignments in college? They need to have an understanding of basic types of writing- research, opinion, persuasive, literary analysis. They need to use grammar correctly. They need to understand the importance of and the process of editing their own writing. All of these things are important to know as they head into the basic writing classes in college and as they prepare assignments for all of their classes.

So, how can you equip your homeschooled high schoolers with this critical skill?

Homeschool writing curriculum for high school

WriteShop has an awesome resource for teaching writing to your homeschooled high schoolers.

There are many, many, many… writing resources and curricula for homeschool. You’ve probably seen a plethora of them. So have I. In fact we’ve used quite a few of them. Thanks to being a homeschool curricula reviewer, I have the opportunity to try out curricula quite frequently, so I can compare the different options and see what works for my kids.

One writing resource I’ve come back to many times is WriteShop. We’ve used lots of their resources for different stages of writing. And they have a writing curriculum that can help prepare your homeschooled high schoolers for writing in college.

WriteShop I and II is a writing curriculum for junior high (middle school) and high school. There are separate student workbooks for WriteShop I and WriteShop II and one teacher’s guide that covers both. The student workbooks are looseleaf, which I really like. That means kids can just insert the pages in a binder. Although the teacher’s guide is great and can walk you through teaching writing to your students, there is also a video class option if you want a little more help.

Here are a few things I think that make WriteShop I and II such a good curriculum choice for your homeschooled high schoolers.

  • It’s incremental. Students will learn skills gradually, and the new skills will then be added to future writing as well, building on each other and equipping the student to continue becoming a better writer.
  • There is a strong focus on self-editing. Students will always self-edit their own writing before assignments are complete.
  • Grammar is practiced as needed in the context of writing.
  • Students learn to use a variety of graphic organizers to help them collect their thoughts and brainstorm ideas.
  • The curriculum fits perfectly in a flexible homeschool- like mine!- because you can adapt it to your family. And it isn’t specifically grade-leveled, so you can start each volume as  your students are ready for it.
If you’re looking for a way to teach your high school student that critical skill that they’ll need in college check out WriteShop I and II.

Homeschool writing curriculum for high school

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