Plan Your Read Aloud Books: Free Monthly Read Aloud Planner With Bonus Read AloudBooks Suggestions

Are you looking for a simple way to plan your read aloud books for the coming homeschool year?

If you’ve been around the blog for any length of time, you’ll know that reading aloud is one of my passions. Because reading to my own kids has been such an awesome thing with so many benefits to our family, I want to encourage other families to create a habit of reading aloud. I’ve blogged quite a few times about the benefits of reading aloud– even reading aloud to your older kids.

If establishing a regular read aloud time with your kids is one of your goals this school year, this post is for you. Here I’m sharing read aloud suggestions for every month- 12 months for those of you who homeschool year round!- for different age groups. In addition, you can get a printable copy of these suggestions, as well as a printable Monthly Read Aloud Planner for free here. Choose one book or multiple books- depending on the age of your kids, plan out the books you’re going to read using the free Monthly Read Aloud Planner, and check off the books you’ve read each month. Some of the suggested books are holiday/seasonally themed. Others are just great books!

Free read aloud planner

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The best way to create a habit of reading aloud with your kids is to choose a consistent time to read each day. Read in the morning before you begin schoolwork, during lunch while the kids eat, for a quiet rest time in the afternoon, as a family after dinner in the evening, or before bed to help kids wind down. Whatever time is best, choose a consistent time and read, read, read.

(Don’t forget to get a free printable copy of these monthly suggestions and a Monthly Read Aloud Planner here.)

August Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage to Be Who You Are

Enemy Pie

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Bear Has a Story to Tell

The Umbrella

Upper Elementary and Middle School

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Indian in the Cupboard


The Phantom Tollbooth

The Cricket in Times Square

High School

A Walk Across America

Lord of the Flies

To Kill a Mockingbird

September Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades

The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree

Apple Farmer Annie

Ten Red Apples


The Pumpkin Book

Upper Elementary and Middle School

The Penderwicks

Pippi Longstocking

The Neverending Story

Tales of the Kingdom

Little Pilgrim’s Progress

High School

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Call of the Wild

Treasure Island

October Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades

Christopher Columbus

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

Leaf Man

Awesome Autumn

Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World

Upper Elementary and Middle School

Saint Brendan and the Voyage Before Columbus

First Voyage to America: From the Log of the Santa Maria

Luther: Echoes of the Hammer

When Lightning Struck: The Story of Martin Luther

Twice Freed

High School

The Princess Bride

Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World

Animal Farm

November Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades

In November

The Story of the Pilgrims

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims’ First Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Story 

Upper Elementary and Middle School

Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims

Starry Messenger 


The Moffats

Homer Price

High School

Heart of Darkness



December Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades


The Legend of the Candy Cane

The Little Drummer Boy

The Nativity

This is the Stable

Upper Elementary and Middle School


The Family Under the Bridge

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Tale of Three Trees

Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect

High School

The Gift of the Magi

A Christmas Carol

Little Women

January Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades

My First Biography: Martin Luther King Jr.

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution

Sneezy the Snowman

The Mitten

The Snowy Day

Upper Elementary and Middle School

Who Was Martin Luther King Jr.?

Martin Luther King Jr.: Young Man With a Dream

Sugar and Ice

Snow Treasure


High School

David Copperfield

Jane Eyre

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr.

February Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades

Grumpy Groundhog

Presidents’ Day

The Biggest Valentine Ever

The Day it Rained Hearts

The President’s Stuck in the Bathtub: Poems About the Presidents

Upper Elementary and Middle School

Kid Presidents: True Tales of Childhood from America’s Presidents

A Wrinkle in Time

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Caddie Woodlawn

Strawberry Girl

High School

The Screwtape Letters

Pudd’nhead Wilson

Warriors Don’t Cry

March Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades

How to Catch a Leprechaun

Tim O’Toole and the Wee Folk

Weather Words and What They Mean

Feel the Wind

O Say Can You Say What’s the Weather Today?

Upper Elementary and Middle School

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Hidden Figures: Young Readers Edition

A Long Walk to Water

Where the Red Fern Grows

The Sign of the Beaver

High School

Robinson Crusoe

Gulliver’s Travels

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

April Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grade

The Donkey That No One Could Ride

The Crippled Lamb

The Runaway Bunny

Big Red Barn

The Story of Ferdinand

Upper Elementary and Middle School

Little Britches

A Little Princess


Number the Stars

The Giver

High School

The Hiding Place

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne of Green Gables

May Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo: Fiesta Time!

What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

When Spring Comes


Feathers for Lunch

Upper Elementary and Middle School

Esperanza Rising


The 100 Dresses

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Stuart Little

High School

Out of the Silent Planet

Favorite Father Brown Stories

In His Steps

June Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades


Sun, Sun

Seashells by the Seashore

Mister Seahorse

Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures

Upper Elementary and Middle School

The Summer of the Swans


Because of Winn Dixie

Stone Fox

The Whipping Boy

High School

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Watership Down

The Last Unicorn

July Read Aloud Books

Preschool-Primary Grades

America: A Patriotic Primer

F is for Flag

The Pledge of Allegiance

We the Kids: The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States


Upper Elementary and Middle School

The Matchlock Gun

The Great Little Madison

You Want Women to Vote, Lizzie Stanton?

The Shakespeare Stealer

The Bronze Bow

High School


Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl and Sir Orfeo

Peter Pan

Free read aloud planner

Need even more suggestions? Check out my free living books catalog here.Enjoy these suggestions as you plan your read alouds for the coming year. And don’t forget to pick up a free printable version of these suggestions and the included planner printable in the Monthly Read Aloud Planner.

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