Filmmaking Instruction for the High School Learner: Storytelling With a Twist

Did you know when you hear a good story your brain releases an empathy evoking chemical? It’s ok – I didn’t either – but it makes sense right? We hear a well-told story and we instantly connect with the characters or theme.

Filmmaking class for high school

The Importance of Storytelling

As a mamma of two toddlers, I tell stories and I hear stories all day long. When my children tell the story we find ourselves dashing through the middle of an imaginary jungle, running from the alligator that magically grew wings and is soaring overhead. While it may seem silly and all pure childhood fun, these are the times I get a sneak peek into who my children are and what they feel. Fantastically enough, this enables me to connect with them on a deeper level of empathy, even through a silly story about an alligator. It enables me to understand their fears or get a taste of their brave little hearts; fearless of that flying reptile. 
As you can probably imagine, my house is a lively one. If you come visit, I can guarantee you really will be invited by two spirited kids into a jungle with a flying alligator. Come anytime; coffee included… trust me you’ll need it! 🙂

Storytelling and Learning Are One in the Same

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” – Albert Einstein 

I will never know the exact moment or story that prompted Albert Einstein to say this but in our family we love it because we learn through fairy tales ALL. THE. TIME. Not only is storytelling used in our imaginary play; storytelling connects my past to my babies’ present. Stories give them a connection to people they have never met. They learn from stories about the accomplishments and failures of our family pioneers passed on from generations. (Yes, we tell stories about failure too.) They learn about our faith from stories. They learn how to be kind, productive members of society through the books we read and the stories we tell. When I tell stories, my children learn. This is why my husband and I are so passionate about the trade of storytelling through filmmaking.

Bridging the Gap Between Storytelling and Filmmaking

Caleb, my husband, has been a storyteller since he was in junior high. Today, with his bachelor’s degree in filmmaking, he has been a successful director for over 10 years with a theatrically released film, and a national television show! And me? I have been his sidekick for about 5 of those years. Recently, we launched our own film production company and I promoted myself to partner!

In talking about our goals as a mom and dad duo, we found ourselves dreaming about what we wanted for our kids: stories with wholesome content that spark empathy and connection and teach important lessons in the process. We realized that not only did we want our kids to have access to wholesome storytelling, we wanted them to someday be able to CREATE it; WITHOUT the $100K student debt we accrued. Maybe you can relate? I could go on and on about the cost of mainstream college education… but I digress.

We took this dream and created a start to finish filmmaking online course easy enough to understand for a 14 year old, and relevant enough for a college student. Lights Camera Movie guides them through the storytelling process from script to screen, and how to do it without breaking the bank. We are excited to watch the next generation of filmmakers spark empathy and learning through their stories sooner AND more affordably than ever!

We feel so passionate about our mission to serve the next generation of storytellers that we are sharing a portion of our course with you and your student completely FREE when you sign up for our mailing list.

Filmmaking class for high school

I always love meeting other mamas that love learning with and through their kids; so please let me know what you think and/or introduce yourself @mrs.steph.price on Instagram!

Filmmaking class for high schoolGuest Author- Stephanie Price
My name is Stephanie. Always learning, preferably through a good book, movie, or real life events. My goal is to empower the next generations to live and learn the most effective and fun way possible through sharing my own life failures and successes.

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