The Ultimate Homeschool Field Trip for Animal Lovers- Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary in North Carolina

Do you have animal lovers in your family? I do! And I’m an animal lover too. So when I first heard about the awesome place I’m sharing in this post, I knew it was the perfect field trip for us. We drove two hours to get to the place. We made a day of it. And it was so worth it!

Homeschool field trip North Carolina
Disclosure: I received a free private tour for our family. All opinions are always my own.

About Happy Tales

The Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary is located in Union Mills, North Carolina and is a rescue for wildlife and for exotic animals. They focus on caring for and healing animals as well as educating the public about the animals in their care. They offer private tours, birthday parties, and animal therapy. I and my three girls- high school and college age- went to the sanctuary for a private tour.
Nicole, the owner, was extremely knowledgeable about each animal. I have one daughter who is majoring in biology education and one who wants to be a vet. And all of us are animal lovers. So we soaked up the information we received and thoroughly enjoyed learning about and interacting with the animals.
Homeschool field trip North Carolina
Some of the animals are permanent residents and others are only there temporarily and then released. So the animals that you can see may change from time to time. We were able to see a porcupine, several different types of turtles and tortoises, some farm animals, and a number of other exotic animals.
My favorite of all of the animals we were able to see was the adorable porcupine Sun Qu. I never thought of a porcupine as affectionate, but this one was. She loved being scratched behind her head and even chittered happily and shook her little foot like a happy doggy. I loved her!
Homeschool field trip North Carolina

Take a Happy Tales Field Trip!

Happy Tales would be an excellent place for a homeschool field trip. Not only can the kids learn about and interact with the animals, Nicole, the owner was telling us about the unique rocks at the location. There are so many learning opportunities!

Want to plan a field trip or family visit? Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary is happy to introduce its signature program, Animal Experiences, where you and your guests can meet, learn about, and even pet animals from all over the world! Make your next event unforgettable and laugh and learn with the animals! Get $15 OFF your first event at Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary with this coupon!

Homeschool field trip North Carolina

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