Heroes of History Biographies from Benge Books: Theodore Roosevelt

I love to read good biographies with my children. Good biographies aren’t dry and dusty and boring. Good biographies make the characters come alive so that readers see them for the real people that they were (or are). And good biographies are an excellent resource for reading with and to children.

We’ve been thoroughly impressed with the selection of biographies we’ve found from Benge Books. In fact one year our whole history/geography curriculum was comprised of a variety of these biographies that took us through different time periods of history and through different countries as we read about many great historical figures or missionaries. One of the biographies that we really enjoyed was that of Theodore Roosevelt.

Biography of Theodore Roosevelt

About Benge Books

Benge Books offers a variety of great biographies. The Heroes of History series contains twenty-nine (currently) biographies of men and women who were inspiring and influential historical figures. The Christian Heroes: Then and Now series contains books about men and women who have been moved by God and gone on to serve him.

Heroes of History- Theodore Roosevelt

I first read aloud the biography of Theodore Roosevelt to my younger girls when they were 10 and 12. The biographies are generally recommended for ages 10+, and while my girls could have read the biographies independently, I just love to read biographies aloud.

The Theodore Roosevelt biography was a great resource when we were covering American history. Although you might read a blurb about a historical figure in a textbook, you aren’t really learning much about that person in that brief mention. But reading a biography allows the reader to know that person from history much more clearly.

We loved this biography. I learned as much as the girls- which is one reason why I love reading biographies aloud. I was never aware of much of Theodore Roosevelt’s early life, and, while I had read that he wasn’t always in good health, I didn’t know how much asthma affected him as a small child and how hard he worked to overcome that.

It was also interesting to read about how the Civil War affected Roosevelt’s life. Because his presidency is some time after, I’ve not ever really thought about the fact that the war had impacted his life as well. He grew up in New York, and his father’s family were all Union supporters. But his mother was from the South, and her brothers actually fought for the Confederacy.

How You Can Use Heroes of History Biographies in Your Homeschool

Although these biographies are definitely interesting enough to be read by adults, (I’ve loved all the ones we’ve read!) they are especially great to use in your homeschool.

Planning your history curriculum for the year? I’ve already mentioned how well the biography of Theodore Roosevelt fit into our American history studies. One thing I really like to do is to have a good textbook as a “spine” book. We can read some overview lessons in the textbook and then stop and read some great living books about the people and places the textbook mentioned. The Benge Books biographies are a great way to do this.

When you click on a book title on the Benge Books website, you’ll be taken to their publisher’s site to purchase. Many of these books- including the Theodore Roosevelt biography- have downloadable study guides that you can purchase as well. This is a great way to turn the book into an entire unit study. These studies include writing and hands on projects as well as ideas for connecting to other themes and study areas. You can use it in your own homeschool, or it would be an awesome study for a co-op group.

Whether you choose Theodore Roosevelt or start with another biography from Benge Books, I can definitely recommend that you check them out. Find Benge Books here. And you can connect with them on Facebook as well.

Biography of Theodore Roosevelt

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