A Super Simple Kids' Craft Activity for Bad Weather Days

If you have kids, you know what it’s like when they’ve been all shut up in the house because of bad weather. And if you’re a homeschooling mama, you have those kids with you, in that house, all day. Every day.

So what’s a mama to do when those kids are stuck inside? You could come up with a quick weather-themed unit study. But I don’t think your kids would thank you for that. So how about a craft? If you’re a non-crafty mama, I can almost see you cringing. But how about a super simple, low-stress craft?

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I live in the South. Around here winter means rain. Lots and lots of rain. And, even though we don’t have extremely cold weather here, cold rain is no fun. So winter means that my kids are often stuck in the house. And after board games and reading aloud and chores and too much screen time, they’re ready for something else to keep them busy. This boredom sometimes results in new, creative ideas.

One year, after we had watched many, many episodes of the cooking show Chopped, my kids came up with a unique crafting/game activity. They titled it Snipped.

Introducing Snipped: A Simple, Bad-Weather Crafting Activity

Snipped is a simple game. And your kids can play with whatever crafty materials you have around the house. You do have to plan for a little bit of a mess. Snipped works best if you just step back and let your kids get creative.
To play Snipped, choose one child to be the Crafter. The other kids- we’ll call them the Preparers- need a small cardboard box that can be closed up. A shoebox size is good. It’s best if it’s a box you can’t see through. And, if you don’t have a box sitting around, a paper grocery bag that can be stapled together at the top will work. (If you’re like me and have a personal relationship with the Amazon delivery man, you’ll be prepared with boxes for sure!)

Preparing for the Craft Activity

The Preparers are going to fill the box or bag with a random assortment of craft supplies. Depending on the age- and common sense- of your Preparers, you may need to help at this point. However, it’s best to let the kids do most of the preparing. Encourage them to put in craft supplies and recyclables that can actually be used together. (The game won’t be very much fun if all the Crafter has are some pipe cleaners and pom poms.)

After the box/bag is filled with items, have your Crafter get ready. The Crafter should have access to basic craft resources like glue, tape, and scissors. These shouldn’t count as materials or be a part of the box. 
When your Crafter is ready and has a good place to work, you need to set a timer. You’ll probably have to be the one to determine how long the Crafter should have to work. The older the kid, the more capable, and the less likely she is to get bored. 

Playing the Snipped Crafting Activity

Your Crafter will have the amount of time on your timer to create something using the materials in the box. He must use at least a small amount of EVERY material in the craft project. He can’t get any extra materials. But he can use the basic craft resources mentioned above.

In our family with four kids, all four would have a turn as Crafter. And then the kids would decide amongst themselves whose project was the most creative. Sometimes I would try to be an impartial judge by waiting until all four were completed and then looking at each to give my opinion.

Playing Snipped can take a short time or a long time. One of the beauties of this simple game is that you can adapt it to the ages of your kids as well as make it take more or less time as you like.

I’m going to insert a little PSA here, Mama. Your kids can have waaaay more fun crafting and will enjoy it for longer if they have the freedom to access the craft supplies and to make a mess. Obviously if you have younger kids, there will be supplies you need to keep out of reach. And kids should definitely be taught to clean up their messes. But if they feel as if you’re standing over their shoulders ready to throw that trash away before it even hits the floor and gasping over the use of glitter and feathers, they’ll feel less creative and be less willing to try this game.

Next time the weather isn’t cooperating and your crew has been stuck inside an indecently long time, try Snipped. Your kids will thank you. And, if you’re willing to walk into the other room and not hover, you might even get a moment to take a deep breath and pour yourself a cup of coffee. As a bonus, if you really must think about the educational aspect of crafting, know that it’s an awesome way for kids to learn through an everyday activity.

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