An Easy-to-Use Homeschool Art Resource...Even If You're NOT an Artsy Mom

Ya’ll, I am NOT an artsy mama! I’m just not. I can appreciate art. But I’m not great at interpreting it or understanding much about it. And I’m definitely not gifted when it comes to creating it.

This has made homeschool art a little difficult for me to do with my kids. I’ve had good intentions. But what really passed as a homeschool art class for us when the kids were younger was just the barest introduction. What I needed, what I always wanted to find was an easy-to-use resource that didn’t cost a fortune, that I could use with all the kids together, that guided us to look at famous art and artists throughout history, and that allowed the kids to get creative in producing some art of their own.
Recently I’ve come across an art resource that covers all those bases- and more. If you’ve been looking for something like that, look no further. I have your answer. And, at the bottom of the post, you can get a free month to see if it’s right for your family.
Homeschool art resource
Disclosure: I received three free months of a subscription as well as including affiliate links in this post. All opinions are always my own!
Art History Kids has a membership program called The Studio. It’s a homeschool art resource that the whole family can take part in, and it’s super easy for even a non-artsy mama to use.

A Homeschool Art Resource That’s Easy to Use

Has this ever happened to you? You scroll through the sale page of some amazing homeschool resource. This thing is awesome. It has sooo many cool features and lessons and printables and… So you buy. Your excitement lasts until you actually get the link to the resource in your inbox. You follow the link to the website, and…immediate overwhelm. 
This has definitely happened to me. It doesn’t matter how amazing and awesome the resource is if you get overwhelmed when you try to use it.
I was really impressed with the Art History Kids subscription because they go above and beyond to provide you with resources that are super easy to use. Every week I’ve gotten an email with ideas and a reminder that there is a new week’s lesson plan available for me. There is a featured artist for the month, and there is a new lesson plan focused on that artist each week.
These lesson plans are actually printable, so you can print the current week’s plan and then quickly look over it to see what supplies- if any- you’ll need. The lesson plans are going to give you information and artwork to read and see, as well as ways to interact with what you’re seeing and reading. I even found questions to guide discussion about what we’re seeing. And a non-artsy mama like me needs these! There are opportunities for kids to create their own art at times as well.

An Affordable Homeschool Art Resource

Homeschooling isn’t cheap. Yes, there are some free resources out there. But as you go along, it’s likely that you are going to need to spend to get good quality resources. Because homeschool resources can get pricey, I’m always looking out for resources that are affordable. The best paid resources are the ones that I can use for all the kids and the ones that have a reasonable yearly or monthly fee. 
The Studio membership from Art History Kids has a yearly or monthly subscription option. You can subscribe and cancel at any time. And all of the kids in your family will benefit from the subscription to this resource. (Don’t forget that you can get a month free to try!)

A Homeschool Art Resource for the Whole Family

My kids are growing and grown now. And do you know what I remember most from our homeschool days? I remember all of the fun learning we did together. I remember the times when we were all doing a unit study together, when we read aloud and discussed together, when we we did fun projects together. Those resources that I had that allowed our family to learn together were some of the most precious because they created those sweet memories.
One of the things I love about The Studio is that you can use it with the whole family. The lessons are created with ages 5-12 in mind. But the resources there could easily be adapted for younger or older kids so that the family can learn together. If you’re a non-artsy person, you’ll be learning just as much as the kids, and you can enjoy the projects along with them!

A Homeschool Art Resource That Combines Art Appreciation and Art Creation

Over my years of homeschooling, I’ve looked at a variety of homeschool art resources. Some of them focused on art history and art appreciation. Others focused on teaching kids how to actually “do art” by teaching techniques. 
Because of my own lack of art knowledge, I was always unsure which kind of art curriculum I should be using. I wanted to help my kids learn about and appreciate art- something I never really learned. But the kids wanted to actually be doing and creating something. So…which kind of curriculum was best?
The Studio membership combines the best of both worlds. In the lesson plans you receive, you’ll learn about various artists and their works. You’ll have concrete examples for how to discuss these works. But kids- and you, of course!- will also have the opportunity to produce some of their own artwork .
Homeschool art resource
Are you ready to check out a membership to The Studio? There’s a special free month trial for my readers. You can sign up for your free month here. Take a look and see how simple this homeschool art resource can make teaching art for you- even if you’re a non-artsy mama like me!

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