Learn Vocabulary Through a Fun Game With Vocabulary Quest

Studying vocabulary words can be boring. Let’s just admit it. It often involves long lists of words and then the dreaded vocabulary test. 

But having a good understanding of vocabulary can help kids to be better readers. And, as kids move into high school and take standardized tests for college, a good vocabulary is a must. Even if kids are skipping the college route and heading into a career, a strong vocabulary will help them to be better communicators later in life, as well as enabling them to continue to be lifelong learners, something I think is very important.
So, if we know a good vocabulary is important, and we know that learning vocabulary is often a somewhat miserable chore, what’s the best answer to help our homeschooled kids? How about a video game?
Sometimes we think of “learning games” as being games for little kids- beginning readers, early elementary kids. But I’ve had the opportunity to take a look at a vocabulary video game for upper level kids. And I think it’s going to change the way our kids look at learning vocabulary words.
Homeschool vocabulary practice with a video game
Disclosure: I received a free game download and compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

Vocabulary Quest: a Video Game for Learning Vocabulary

Vocabulary Quest is a game-based software system that covers 1200 advanced vocabulary words for grades 5-12. The game is a software download, so your computer needs to be running Windows 7,8, or 10 (although there’s a note that there may be a Mac version in the works!)
The game works by having players learn lists of vocabulary words in order to battle it out with monsters, earn special powers and new gear as they join guilds, and ultimately help Master Spellright put all to rights in the Lands of Vocab. The graphics and user interface look like many world domination/civilization building games. So if your kids- or you!- like games like that, Vocabulary Quest is for you.
The 1200 words in the game can be grouped and organized in a variety of ways, depending on how you want to study them. As players work through levels, they’ll be given word lists. They can learn the words and practice them with short tests and challenges. No matter how you choose to group the words, each game has twelve levels to play through. Each of those has ten sections- 1.2, 1.3, etc.- and each section has ten words grouped into two sets. After practicing several sections, players can enter the arena, where all the words they’ve practiced can be used. This is a good way to encourage longterm memory of the words studied. 
The game is aimed at 5th-12th graders. It’s certainly challenging enough for me as an adult as well! It’s recommended that players spend 10-15 minutes a day to study and play. Players can choose how words are grouped- including an option for from easy to hard- as well as the difficulty level of play. The difficulty level changes how long players will have to write a correct answer as well as whether or not they’ll be given a word bank. (Just a caution: If you have kids who struggle with keyboard skills and/or spelling- no matter how old!- choose levels that won’t frustrate them. One of my daughters really struggles with spelling, but the word bank lets her find the word and spell it accurately.)

Why Your Homeschool Kids Will Love This Game

It’s a video game instead of a list of vocabulary words! Not too many kids would prefer going back to that traditional memorize, study, test routine.
It’s set up like many of their favorite games. If you have kids who enjoy video games, chances are good that they’ll like the set up of Vocabulary Quest.
The game allows for players to customize their character. My daughter liked this aspect and spent time choosing the hair and look of her avatar. As players work through the levels, they can earn additional gear and customization options.
The game allows them to begin with easier words and then work up. If your upper elementary-aged kid plays, he can start with the easy to hard word list, so that he’s not frustrated. And, as I said earlier, players can choose to use a word bank for the challenges, so spelling doesn’t have to be an issue.
Players are only given five words in a section. Although in battles, word lists will be cumulative, having only five in a section makes it seem more doable. The recommendation for use is to study five to ten words for 10-15 minutes a day.
This isn’t a babyish game. I’ve reviewed many educational apps and software downloads that claim to be for older kids. But often they are childish or too easy for older users. Vocabulary Quest is not! It’s a challenging game that won’t be easy for players to just blow through. My two girls still homeschooling are high schoolers, and it was definitely not too simple for them.

Why You’ll Love This Vocabulary Game 

It’s easier to get kids to actually complete the game than to get them to memorize lists of vocabulary words. Trust me on this.
An unlimited number of users can play. If you have multiple kids- like me!- they can each have games going.
The game will focus on words the players miss and put these in a list for further study. This is a good way for you to keep track of any words your kids are missing consistently.
Because there are unlimited games available at once, you can play it yourself. I’m not joking, ya’ll. I may or may not have gotten really caught up in the game and determined to capture the monster in the first arena before I stopped to write this post! It truly is difficult enough to improve adult vocabulary as well. And I’m sure there are many of you- you know who you are- who like video games like I do!

How You Can Get the Vocabulary Quest Software

You can download the game here. There are also sample downloads so you can try before you buy. Make sure you check the computer requirements before downloading!
Visit and Like the Vocabulary Quest Facebook page to see more information. including some great videos and photos of the game.
Homeschool vocabulary practice with a video game
The Vocabulary Quest game provides a way for kids to learn increase their vocabulary and be better readers and communicators in a way that is exciting and fun. Plan on adding it to your homeschool resources this year!

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