ACT Prep for Your Homeschooled High Schooler: Four Tips for Making Sure Your Student is Prepared

Before my kids hit their high school years, I will admit that I had many worries about how this homeschooling through high school thing was going to work. How was I going to get these kids through high school with what they needed to get into college- provided the Lord led them that way- and with what they needed to get a scholarship to pay for that college!

I learned- as I have throughout seasons of homeschooling- that most of my concerns were unfounded. Many of the things I thought would be a big deal just….weren’t. But one thing I did realize that was important for getting into college and qualifying for scholarships was the ACT or SAT testing scores. Being prepared for these- one or both depending on the test scores your college wants- is a big part of college readiness.
My oldest daughter took both and preferred the ACT. And now my youngest daughter is starting to look at colleges and is going to start with the ACT. For both of them, the math portion of the test has been a concern. So I was particularly excited to be able to sit in on an ACT prep bootcamp that’s a part of my favorite online math program- Mr. D Math. How can Mr. D Math help you prepare your student for the ACT? Here are a few tips.

ACT Test Prep for Homeschool
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Check out the ACT Prep Bootcamps.

You can find information about Mr. D Math and all of the live and recorded classes that are offered here. We have loved using Mr. D for high school math, and the ACT Bootcamp is another one of the awesome class offerings available.
The ACT Bootcamp is a six-week live, online class. Kids will meet with the class and teacher live once a week. We observed in the class taught by Mr. H. He was knowledgable and did a good job drawing kids in and giving the feel of an actual class- not just a video. He went through math problems that were representative of actual ACT problems. He gave the kids time to work on each problem and then gave the solution as well as the problem-solving strategy. Besides the weekly classes, you’ll have access to the Mr. D Math Test Prep Portal. Kids can find video trainings as well as practice tests here.

Sign your kids up for this ACT prep to help them understand the ACT test questions.

Often kids struggle on the ACT because they just don’t understand the questions. They are unsure about what they’re doing, so they lack the confidence they need to succeed in test-taking. The ACT Bootcamp is going to change to this because your kids are learning what kinds of problems to expect as well as how to actually go about solving them.
One of the great things about this bootcamp is that kids are not just doing practice problems and then finding out if they got a right answer. Instead your kids are actually going to learn problem-solving strategies and skills. They are going to have practice with the way the test is timed. They’re going to have opportunities to learn how to solve problems in the most efficient and correct way. And they’re going to learn what kind of math formulas are needed for the test as well as how to use the specialized calculators they are going to be able to use.

Help your kids score higher on the math portion of the ACT… without learning more math.

If your student is struggling with the math part of the ACT, it can be tempting to just try to get him to learn more math. But that’s not always a good answer. Instead of just trying to stick more math information in your child’s head, this ACT Bootcamp is going to teach him how to use the information he already has.
In the bootcamp, your kids are going to learn how to break down word problems. They’re going to learn how to translate what the problem is asking so that they’ll know what formula and process to use as they answer. They’re also going to learn about how the ACT is scored. (Do you know this? Because I didn’t and would have given my kids the wrong information!) By learning these processes and procedures and how to use what they know, your kids are going to score higher on the test…without just having more and more math thrown at them.

Have your kids take practice tests to put what they’re learning in ACT prep into action.

One of the best things kids can do to prepare for the ACT is to take practice tests. These tests will give the kids actual problems that are just like the ones they’ll encounter when they take the ACT. Kids in the ACT Bootcamp will be doing practice problems and learning to work through them, as well as taking multiple practice tests throughout the six weeks of the bootcamp. And, as I mentioned above, the kids will also have access to the Mr. D Math Test Portal where they can find more practice tests as well as video trainings and other test prep resources.

ACT Test Prep for Homeschool

If you and your high schooler are worried about ACT testing, don’t be. Instead check out the ACT Bootcamps from Mr. D Math. Help your student be more confident about the test and more prepared to earn those college scholarships!
You can check out the Mr. D Math site here. And go to the catalog here to sign up for the ACT Bootcamps or any other high school math classes.
You can also connect with Mr. D on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

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