DIY Items Kids Can Make And Use For Lessons, Too!

Are you or the kids feeling tired of being cooped up in the house all day? For a homeschooling family, being home is the norm, but once you can’t leave the house, it makes everything much more difficult. Day in and day out, the kids and parents can get unsettled from being stuck inside. One way to balance work and play is taking plenty of breaks throughout the day to do fun things. You’ll want to have plenty of materials on hand to bust the boredom through crafts!

DIY Crafts and Learning for Kids

Magnet Math

Why do math lessons have to be limited to be done at the table with paper and pencil? Try something new! Magnet math is when all the figures are up on a chalkboard or refrigerator for the kids to move while they learn. It’s an interactive way for them to dive into schoolwork while benefiting their fine motor skills and using their energy constructively. Start by letting them help create the pieces. Each child should have their own set, allowing them to be creative. They’ll need some fun and colorful cardstock paper, self-adhesive magnets, and markers. Cut the paper into any shape, draw the numbers and math signs you need, and put a magnet on each piece. During the math lesson, they can put their pieces on the fridge and stand while you teach!

Chalk Board

This is a wonderful idea for each child to make and use every day for homeschool! Having the kids make a chalkboard will allow them to pause from school, get creative, and make something out of a household item. Find or purchase a sheet pan or an 8×10 photo frame. Both will work perfectly for this project. For the sheet pan, have the kids paint the rims, and then paint the rest of the tray with chalk paint. For a photo frame, start by deconstructing it and having them paint and decorate the frame. Next, get some cardboard, preferably from a cereal box, so it’s completely flat, and trace the glass and cut it out! Paint the piece of cardboard and reassemble the frame without the glass. An easy way to pause the academics and make something that they can use going forward.

Sensory Aquarium

The last idea is making sensory or “calm” bottles. They are referred to as calm bottles because this is another chance of the kids to be engaged while improving their fine motor skills. It starts by taking any jar or bottle and filling it with water. Then, the kids can take small items and place them in the jar one by one. This action makes them focus and pushes them to relax by taking deep breaths. One idea for the bottles is to make an aquarium. They can add pebbles to the bottom, blue glitter to look like water, artificial seaweed, and toy fish! A perfect addition to a lesson about the ocean or marine life!

DIY Crafts and Learning for Kids

Being inside all day can get overwhelming at times for the whole family. Take advantage of being able to spend hours upon hours with everyone and keep busy with fun activities and simple crafts. Both of which will interest the children creatively while challenging them intellectually, too!

DIY Crafts and Learning for Kids

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