Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum: A Simple, Straight-Forward Way to Teach High School Writing Skills

I don’t usually like to homeschool the easy way. Because I like to personalize and shape each kids’ curricula to the way they learn best, I occasionally make homeschooling more difficult than it needs to be. Just ask my husband. 

Sometimes, though, I’ve found that certain of my kids don’t prefer the constant changes and adjustments and, honestly, just prefer a more textbook/workbook approach. So I’m always on the lookout for those kinds of homeschooling curricula resources. And I’m happy to share one of these I’ve recently had the opportunity to take a look at for high school writing skills.
Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum English Writing Skills
Disclosure: I received free curricula and compensation for this post. All opinions are always my own.

What is Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum for homeschoolers?

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is a company that offers curricula for a variety of subjects for 7th-12th graders. The curricula can be used in a print format, a digital format, or an audio assisted format when you use the digital format with a text-to-speech app or device. There is curricula for science, history, English, math, as well as elective and enrichment topics.
The curricula consists of chapters of text with corresponding activities. The material is easy for students to work through independently, and it’s constructed to allow for students to work at their own pace. The lessons are written to contain vocabulary enrichment as well as life principles, and positive role models.
Parents have little to no preparation and teaching involved with this curriculum. It’s very straight-forward and easy to use. The curriculum is considered secular or sectarian. It presents religion in a historical context. As a Christian homeschooler, I wouldn’t have a problem using it either.
Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum English Writing Skills

How will the English Writing Skills curriculum work with your homeschooled high schooler?

I have two high schoolers this year. And one, particularly, likes straight-forward curricula that she can be pretty self-paced in using. She’s also had a good foundation in grammar and writing. So I chose the English III: Writing Skills curriculum for her. It’s the third in their four-level high school series.
We had access to both the print and digital curriculum. And one thing I noticed right away that was awesome is that you have the permission to copy from the print book or to print from the digital the copies you need for your family. 
For families like mine with multiple children close in age who may be sharing materials, this is a HUGE benefit. The instructions in the Teacher’s Resource Kit also suggest other ways you could handle this such as having kids write answers on paper and not use all the books as consumable. So there are a number of ways to use this curriculum and save money.
The curriculum consists of five chapters. Each chapter comes with it’s own text and activity books. The Teacher’s Resource Kit- included with the full course curriculum- contains answer keys for every activity as well grading rubrics for every writing assignment, quizzes, tests, and quiz and test answers. It’s recommended that students can probably grade their own activities while the parent/teacher grades the writing assignments, quizzes, and tests.
There are quizzes given after every five lessons. Tests are given after each chapter is complete (fifteen lessons). The Teacher’s Resource Kit explains that students should retake lessons for any quizzes they fail. This is a good way to make sure that students really are taking time to read the text and do the activities along the way.
In each section of each chapter, students will read through various vignettes. These will be teaching the skills covered, including vocabulary words, covering life lessons, and directing students when to go to the activity book for that section’s activities. The material is fairly easy to read, but if you have a student who needs extra help, the option of using the audio-enhanced version by purchasing the digital curriculum along with a text-to-speech app is there.
Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum English Writing Skills

Why is Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum right for your homeschooled high school student?

I’ll be honest. There are some homeschoolers who just don’t prefer a textbook/workbook approach. If that’s you, your first inclination may be to think that this isn’t the right curriculum for you. Wait! Don’t stop reading.
You see, I felt that way at one time as well. I prefer literature-rich, activity-based, family-centered learning. And at one time, those were the only homeschool resources I would even try. And then came my second child. 
He saw the overabundance of reading as a burden and the completion of hands-on crafts and activities as a waste of his time. It was fine when he was younger. But by high school, he wanted- and really needed- a much more straight-forward approach. He was a kid who would thrive on a curriculum like this one.

So how will you know if it’s right for you? Here are some reasons you may find Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum the perfect fit.

~ You are homeschooling multiple students and looking for a cost-effective way to do it. I was very impressed by how cost-effective Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum would be to use with multiple kids. I don’t have to buy the same materials over and over to be used when kids need it simultaneously or consecutively.
~ You need a curriculum that’s done for you. This English Writing Skills curriculum is that. You can literally order it, read through the Teacher’s Resource Kit, and send your child off to work. It involves little work on your part- which can be important when you have multiple kids or work from home or have other things you need to attend to throughout the day. It can also be a great choice for parents who are a little concerned about homeschooling high school because it takes away your planning stress.
~ You have a student who tends to work faster or slower than an “average” student or curriculum moves. One thing I really love about this curriculum is that your student can move at his or her own pace. My youngest liked that aspect of it as well.
~ You want your students to work independently but also want them to have some accountability. The danger of self-paced, independent learning is that you’ll have kids who aren’t really working. The English Writing Skills and other curricula from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum gives checkpoints where parents have to grade or sign off. If students aren’t successful at the quizzes every five sections, they have to re-cover that information. It’s a simple, but effective way to make sure learning is actually happening.
Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum English Writing Skills

Where can you get the English Writing Skills or other Paradigm Accelerated curricula resources for your homeschool?

So have you decided that Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is for you? Great!
As of the publishing of this post, you can get 15% off and free shipping (on print curricula) with the code 15ANDFREE. The code is valid through June 31, 2020. You can get English Writing Skills here and learn more shop the other Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum choices here.

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